Normal Off Topic Rules still apply in the CEPP forum. For those unfamiliar with these, here they are.

There are of course some other rules.

  • Make your post more than just a smilie, a quote or you typing one or two words. If you dont have anything useful to say, you don't have to post.
  • CEPP is a forum for debate and discussion of Current Events, Politics, Philosophy, Science etc. It's not a place for spam, or off topic crap.
  • If you are going to post topics or theories in CEPP, make sure you can back up your statements with facts and links, the locals love tearing people to shreads, and I'm not very good at nursing.
  • Some of you may find certain threads boring and not to your interest. Well that's great, but the people who do like the thread would rather not have their thread filled with meaningless replies about it.
  • Lastly always remember it's much less effort for me to delete your post rather than edit out the profanity. Please don't swear, or if you can't help yourself put an * in the middle, e.g. f**k