what are you listening to atm ? Song & artist + comment only Pls

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  1. Yelling
    Bruce Channell-Hey Baby

  2. Post
    Tool - Disposition.

  3. Post
    metallica - the unforgiven II

  4. Post
    The Darkness - Street Spirit (Fade Out)

  5. Post
    Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

    Originally posted by Greedy
    The Darkness - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    lol. That cover is so brilliant yet hilarious at the same time. They even got part of the Just solo in there. How cool is that? Why can Radiohead be more like The Darkness?

  6. Post
    Metallica - Blitzkrieg

  7. Smile
    Muse - Hysteria.

    I only heard these guys for the first time yesterday and so far I quite like it.

  8. Post
    The whole Total Annihilation soundtrack

  9. Post
    bahahahaha ta music is epic! i wish i still had it

    brujeria - division del norte

  10. Post
    The Darkness-I Belive In A Thing Called Love

    Metallica-No Leaf Clover

  11. Post
    Ja Rule - Loose Change (50 Cent diss)

  12. Yelling
    Metallica-The memory Remains(s&m)

  13. Post
    Dedicada a todos los pinches jotos, Molotov - Puto.

  14. Post
    The whole album

    "wwIII" has one of the coolest intros I've ever heard.

    lyrics from "stars & stripes":
    A tyrant is a man who allows his people no freedom
    Who is puffed-up by pride
    Driven by the lust of power
    Impelled by greed
    Provoked by thirst for fame

    Divided and conquered
    Gripped by fear
    Wishful thinking that it can't happen here
    It's well underway but nobody knows
    A repeat of history
    That's how it goes

    Tell the people that they're under attack
    By man-eating foes from mars or iraq
    Mobilize outrage
    Muzzle dissent
    Send in the troops
    Strike the pre-empt

    Stars & stripes
    Learn how to fight
    We come together by the dawn of the light
    Oh so proudly we hail as the rockets red glare
    Stars & stripes

    Control the airwaves
    Fuel the reaction
    Use every weapon of mass-distraction
    Turn active people into passive consumers
    Feed 'em bogus polls and harebrained rumours

    Cut back civil rights
    Make no mistake
    Tell 'em homeland security is now at stake
    Whip up a frenzy keep 'em suspended
    Don't let 'em know that their liberty's ended

    Everything goes in the desperate states
    The veneer of democracy rapidly fades
    Wreak total havoc on all opposition
    In any event fulfill your mission

    Totalitarian media sensation
    You will give 'em domination
    Never mind they call you a liar and thief
    By now you're undisputed commander-in-chief
    and "intro": lol.
    And here we have jules
    The king of guitar
    He's only home when he's inside a bar
    Rings and spikes and chains and tattoos
    He breeds new lifeforms inside his shoes

    I am kapt'n K
    The korruptor of youth
    My word is gospel of the honest truth
    I am the father of industrial rock
    And if you don't believe me
    You can suck my glock

  15. Post
    Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict.

    Pink Floyd.

    Ummagumma's a good album.....

  16. Yelling
    Metallica-The Call Of The Ktutu

  17. Yelling

  18. Post
    urban dub - fallen on deaf ears


    incubus - pistola

  19. Post
    Incubus - Leech

  20. Post
    Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth

    I went into real Groovy looking for some Mobb Deep on saturday.. I picked up one vinyl which I then gave to my brother for a present. Pity I didn't get a chance to listen to it.

    If you have any Mobb Depp vinyls in good condition and are interesting in selling them PM meh

  21. Post
    Metallica - Ride the Lightning

  22. Post
    Suicidal Tendencies - Got mutation

  23. Post
    Suicidal Tendencies - Charlie Monroe

    This song is a Marilyn Manson diss yo

  24. Post
    you guys really dont have to update what you are listening to EVERY DAMN SONG! Go spam go!

    im currently sitting here in silence as i do every night before i goto bed... mmmm, silence. Someone should make an album of silence, that would rock (Number 1 on the coca cola bulls**t chart on sunday mornings! yay).

  25. Post
    Listening to The Paul Holmes Breakfast on ZB.