what are you listening to atm ? Song & artist + comment only Pls

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    Rammstein - Stripped:

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    Wagner Götterdämmerung - Siegfried's death and Funeral march Klaus Tennstedt London Philharmonic. Glorious!

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    Wagner: Ride of the valkyries

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    This kid is an amazing talent, what makes it even more impressive she doesn't just stand in one spot, moves around while playing the violin.

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    "Please Me" by Cardi B and Bruno Mars.

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    stacrafty wrote:
    this song is still fire

    Em's verse one of my all time favourites
    The song is on fire, my all time favourite- No love lost no love found!!!!!

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    Abba - The Winner Takes It All:

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    Recently discovered

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    fret with an obsessive longing every time hearing this song on my throwback playlist on youtube music apknite

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    Hilltop Hoods - hyping myself up for their concert this Saturday.

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    Lil Peep - Nose Ring

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    SlipKnot - Solway Firth

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    I have not been this hyped for a album in a very long time.