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    k done my first WU .. 10 000/ 10 000

    the results were sent and i got a message inmy folding app saying welcome to F@H

    but i'm still not on the list

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    you're on there now Stimpy

    it takes an hour for the server to update i think

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    damn posty, we're all being beaten by an australian

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    My second computer is equal to you eta :P

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    My comps off for at least 10 hours a day :P it cant help it

    that, and ive lost around 1.2 WU from me leaving my fans on silent at boot

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    so why does it add to you power bill? im just curious?

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    It will add to your power bill since your computer will be running under load not idling.

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    Yeah, basically it uses a bit less than a 75w lightblub more than if you were idling the average new processor uses between 70 and 90w of power under full load, but it already uses power if its idling, so it adds another 60ish watts on

    Of course, if you are gaming a similar thing happens.

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    so really its just like ure always doing something on your computer when your not

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    Originally posted by d3coy
    so really its just like ure always doing something on your computer when your not
    Ding ding ding!

    You are almost as bright as the aforementioned 75w Lightbulb.

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    Does the program still run while one is logged off?

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    I believe theres a screensaver version that runs whilst you are logged off...

    Download the screensaver version, then you have to hack your reg as explained here.
    Dont worry, its pretty risk free

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    the only thing I have found since installing the software is that if I leave it on while playing cs, I will randomly pop back into windows (like an alt + tab). Doesn't always happen, about 70% of the time... fix = turn it off while playing.

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    Happened to me every few seconds while playing f1 2002 :/

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    yer it alt-tabs me to windows while playing any game,

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    What os you using, ive never had that happen.

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    hmm strange I have no problem with that

    maybe its ya haxed version of windows

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    using haxed up xp that never happens - mine runs 24hrs a day wether gaming or not and it never interrupts what I am doing

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    mine affects my fps, if i turn it off then cs runs fine..

    yes it is set to lowest priority, so unsure why it still affects it. Anyway.. its not that much of a hassle to turn it off

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    i was in cs when one of my workunits just finished and it didnt get sent to the server, so it didnt count

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    ooooooh is that what happens? no wonder my 2nd one didnt count and i thought i was going crazy

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    It must be, cant think of any other reason why it does it, i should have finished my 8th one, but it only sez ive completed 7 :\

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    Originally posted by Leeloo
    mine affects my fps, if i turn it off then cs runs fine..
    Cancer doesn't take CS breaks, stop slacking.

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    I'm not sure, but there may have been a server issue, because one of mine didnt go through either. Not sure what i was doing at the time, i think i was out, so its unlikely to be cs...