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    bro your a good ****!

    shell be hella proud kazz

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    Originally posted by Spa

    Cancer doesn't take CS breaks, stop slacking.
    yes you are correct..

    but im not a cancer..

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    still waiting for my name to appear :/

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    Yay im there. xp3200+ running 24/7

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    Active CPUs within 50 days = 23

    Awesome, we're doing really well

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    Is score measured by how big the WU is?

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    Originally posted by Spa
    Is score measured by how big the WU is?
    Yeah I think so, I haven't even finished my first yet

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    Well I have one CPU running and will have a second in a few minutes.

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    Originally posted by Etacovda
    I believe theres a screensaver version that runs whilst you are logged off...

    Download the screensaver version, then you have to hack your reg as explained here.
    Dont worry, its pretty risk free
    I'd advise not using the screen saver -use a blank screen saver, the CPU cycles are better spent folding than drawing :-).

    BTW I'm going to join tonight. Will my work units be transfered over? I have 1200 completed :-).

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    man, im not sure. I don't think they get transferred tho

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    it looks like those who completed a WU and didnt go through a few days ago have been accounted for now

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    they're for the default team (I never signed up for a team)... I hope they can be.

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    Woo yeah my lost workunit has shown up.

    Charismo : Your other work units wont transfer to the new group :\

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    Spam was a great chick, good conversationalist and will be well missed. would glady put my cpu usage towards this (and so will work not that they will know hehe)

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    I'm in

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    Mines broke.. ive completed 2 Wu's and my name is still not on the list, and if i look up my individual stats theirs none their either, i hope that they are still counting...

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    Jim, your results are up now.

    33 computers folding now

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    ftws new dual xeon will be joining the team in a few days when we have finished configuring her

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    NOOoooo you'll take my leader spot

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    Power to the NZ'ers man

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    weeeeeee 34 ppl.. good stuff

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    It says something about dual machines and how to make them use both processors on there somewhere - i think its a reg thing then running 2 instances of prime... meh, im sure you'll see it anyway darky theres a few threads over at [h]ardforums about it too in the distributed computing forum.

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    I've joined, didnt know spammy well. But this is a good cause and she was a nice person.

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    Yeah sweet, i think my firewall was playing up or something, all my lost wu's have showed up

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