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    keen to join where do i sighn up ;D

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    go to the very first post, click the link, and go from there

    Cant believe its been 3 years, seems like it was yesterday she was telling us we were all newbs in her own delightful diplomatic way

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    I know.... doesnt feel like 3 years eh

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    folding@home sustaining computing power of ~210 teraflops (210 trillion floating point operations per second)

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    That sucks, how can I help out?

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    Closiee wrote:
    That sucks, how can I help out?
    Read the first post.. It tells you what to do

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    Started running this on my work machine as it has a dual core during the day.

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    I started folding last week and i have just over 100 WUs with a score of 45580. If you guys haven't already used it, try out the GPU client!

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    Good to see this is still going

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    I'll add the ps3 once i get that online.

    edit - put the star in manually to the link

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    Decided to do my part, downloaded the GPU client.

    Getting 250 iter/sec

    How's everyone elses going?


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    Set up the PS3 to it

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    hooked up my 8 work computers

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    You should really try advertise this a bit more on gp, i had done a very very small amount of folding for a different team ages ago, but stopped, and had no idea for the whole time i was part of gp that there was a gp folding team, even considered asking/making one a while ago.

    anyway, i have joined the GP team and put my 4890 into my family PC and leaving it folding when i can.

    edit: put in sig

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    Just started doing this

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    Wow that's sad..

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    Well at least they bumped a worthy thread.

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    It's on sticky so no point anyway lol

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    Posting the GPU client in case somebody hasn't tried it yet.

    It's interesting to compare the GPU and CPU client. My CPU work unit is 69 points and takes me 6 hours. So my (very low-end) CPU manages roughly 0.2 points per minute on one core. My GPU work unit is 1348 points and takes 3 hours. So that's about 7.5 points per minute. At a guess the GPU would draw 3-4 times more power, so per watt it looks like the GPU is ~10x more efficient.
    lumpy custard

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    number 1 I'm a-coming!

    (1200 points every hour and a half) GPU3 + GTX580 FTW!

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    holy shit I'm number one. When did that happen

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    Can some one explain 2 me what this folding thing is?

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    Basically folding proteins, when a protein doesn't fold correctly it can turn into one of many known diseases, using this information can help bring a cure to such diseases. Users computers are used for this because they far out perform any single super computer. It's very resource intensive depending on what program you use (CPU, GPU or both).

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    Glad to see when still have 21 CPU's working on this cause,

    been a few years now, RIP Spammy never forgotten in our home, now we tell the kids about you when they ask about our gamer friends

    BG & Catkiller

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    Yerp been folding for few years now