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    As you all know well by now, CSNZ has just faced the tragedy of losing one of our best friends and a great admin, Leigh Shar, or Spamtin as most of you will know her by. She lost her life to cancer, and was devoted to learning more about it when she got it.

    For the ceremony she asked for people to donate money to cancer rather than send flowers. For those who have done so, the cancer society and anyone effected by cancer thanks you. Remember, you dont have to be diagnosed with cancer to be affected by it; a relative, close family member, friend or workmate/schoolmate of yours will get it at some stage in your life, and its a really scary thing to deal with. At present, chemotherapy, radition and surgery are really the only fight that normal science has against cancer, but research is constantly going on to learn more and find a cure.


    To fold, all you have to do is run a programme on your computer. Its as simple as that.

    For those that either can't afford a donation all at once, or can't afford a donation personally, folding@home is a great way to contribute. The basis of folding is using home computers to make a 'supercomputer' - a network of computers that will crunch numbers a lot faster than a singular one. Of course, the home market is a whole lot larger than any private super computer, so utilising home computers means a LOT more processors, and much faster research.

    Folding uses your home computer, in conjunction with literally millions of other computers to analyze protein folding. Proteins 'fold' naturally, and if in this process of this folding there is an irregularity, this can cause diseases within cells, such as cancer. The Folding@home client gives scientists and researchers a point in the right direction - it tells them essientially what to look for, and they try to replicate the results in a lab, and figure out what caused the problem. This would not be possible without distributed computing.

    Folding has already uncovered some cures and insights into some diseases, so no, its not a 'flash in the pan' new thing, its been going since 2001.


    I have recently started a team for Leigh, called 'Folding for Leigh' at the F@H homesite. I, and everyone else whos in the team, would appreciate it greatly if you would join it.


    Running F@H (purely F@H and nothing else) on the average new machine will cost around $10 a month, if you ran it 24/7. However, if you run it just when you are using the computer, it will add around $2-5 a month to your powerbill. The bonus will folding at home is that it generally doesnt slow down your computer when you're using it. If you press ctrl + alt + delete right now, you'll see a process called 'system idle process'. This process is integrated into new systems to make them run cooler when you're not doing anything. Folding acts the same as this process, so when your processor needs power, it simply takes it and F@H doesnt interfere. You shouldnt notice a significant difference in system performance by using it. After set up, the programme records your computers work as it 'folds', so on the team site, you'll be given a score to how much folding you've done.
    Another thing to remember is your computer will generate more heat than it does, but no more than it will when you are gaming for hours . Just make sure your computer doesnt get too hot (this is generally not a problem) and your system will be safe. A good way to monitor this is by using speedfan.

    Once again, I (and im sure Leigh would too) would appreciate it if this team could get off the ground and keep folding for cancer. Its a really small thing, but it could make a significant difference someone you know in the future.

    Team name - Folding for Leigh
    Team number - 36489
    F@H homepage -
    Our team page -

    A quick text-only version of F@H - 70k, hows that for a fast download! insert your user name, and the team number (36489), and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Additionally handy for AMD/low power users etc is the advanced options which can reduce the cpu load from 100%.
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    I've been folding for a few days, its a great program because it doesn't affect your computers performance. I leave it running even when the computer is being used for games.

    That said, I'm only 55/400 through the first WU, because its only 500mhz

    But yeah, it won't slow down your computer at all, you won't notice that it is running. So go for it

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    Joined the team

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    sweet the more the better

    My aim would be 50 comps at the moment, so come on people, get folding!

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    Originally posted by Croc

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    i made my username Blind-Reaper* and in the team number box put 36489

    yet when i look at the team stats I'm not listed. What haven't I done ?

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    You have to do a full WU before it'll show your name hover your mouse over the system tray icon, it shows your process on the protein you're working on... im at 215/400 atm

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    Almost done my 5th on my main computer, and 2nd on server

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    Its the least we can do for Leigh

    cmon people sign up


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    possibly we could get some of the internet cafes in on this??

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    The more pc's that run it the better of course. A cafe would have to pay an extra 100 a month on their power if they run 10 computers using F@H, and most net cafes have heaps of comps, so its probably not feasable for them.

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    I will be joining as soon as I get my computer back in a week.

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    done :]

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    Need more people

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    When I send in my first lot of results I should come up.

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    just started ... 100/10000

    nearly there !

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    Etacovda, if she was here to see it, she would be very proud of you. Taking your time and effort to this because of another person's death. I think you should be proud of what you did, and I want to make a big thanks to you as I don't think any other person would have done a greater job like you did. ( There might be, but look at what he has done. ) Anyways, I hope things go well and more people realising what has happened.

    Thanks Etacovda,
    I think the community really appreciates what you have done.