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    make sure you use this link to view our results.

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    Done...i dont play CS anymore but its for a good cause

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    my work computer got a 5000 block today and finished it in one day

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    got a 10 000 did it in a couple of hours

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    mines doing a 10000 now going fast as

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    me and silo joined up a couple of days ago, so we got two comps continuosly folding, how do we join the team tho?? does it do it automatically? ive done 381/400 (95%)

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    no wait its all sweet, i see silos name on the ranking sheet, (jeramie) so as soon as ive finished my first wu i shud be on it right? in the team ??

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    your supposed to put the team number in the team field.. it is in the settings

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    I just finished my first WU last night......oh yeah im 64th.....

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    Two more CPU's added

    and a few more once I get in to uni ;P

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    We're doing pretty well keep it up guys. We've got about 40 people consistantly folding now; and we're ranked 391, up from 500 a month or two ago...

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    380th now, that's pretty damn good considering its out of nearly 32,000 teams.

    I am currently 3rd, plan to get my craptop folding soon though, just need to get around to it .

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    Respect man ^^ I lost my aunty to cancer. My cousin was diagnosed with it aswel. That was awful for my family :<. My cousins doing good now though.

    Just have a think before you post things guys : <. Bloody 12 year olds :\

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    if i was you i would never attend any main lans again p0w
    what a pathetic thing to say ... if you think that was a joke or something
    sick like that it was not funny at all.
    I had my access from the B, S and T forums removed for spamming.

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    i'm folding , spamtin was cool from the little i spoke to her

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    I have lost both my grandfather and grandmother to cancer along with numerous other family members due to breast cancer. I never knew Spamtin but she sounds like one hell of a gal, FTW is always there for the good cause.

    Folding is the least i can do.

    p.s = p0w and Haunt, you have condemned yourselves to a place far worse then hell. morons! dont let me see you at xlan!

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    Lets keep the good work up guys & gals,

    remember if the tables were turned, I know for sure

    Spam would be doing the same for us

    We luv you Spammy


    BG & Cats

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    Will this add to my monthly usage? if yes, apprx how much per day/month if comp on bout 4-5hrs daily?

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    Originally posted by Nordy
    Will this add to my monthly usage? if yes, apprx how much per day/month if comp on bout 4-5hrs daily?

    um yeah but its only liek 1meg every few days so maybe 10megs a mth

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    hi. i dont have you on msn, [email protected]

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    Team Ranking (incl. aggregate) 365 of 32231

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    yes i think ill help, just gotta set up, not tonight thou im tired as.

    Btw what did pow say ? i think i missed it

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    he was abusing the dead

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    humbled.....and signed up!

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    Finally got my internet connection sorted out. Was dropping off everytime i had Folding going. Got it sorted now so full steam ahead.