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    Originally posted by Marshal Morgan
    Finally got my internet connection sorted out. Was dropping off everytime i had Folding going. Got it sorted now so full steam ahead.
    shot sam !

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    I just started this up a couple days ago, took my work computer like 3 working days to finish off 50 thingies.

    At least I finished my first WU now though My PC is only on when I am at work though, maybe I should leave it on 24/7

    This WU I got is like 500 though... so whats the deal with having some that are 50 and some that are 500 etc, are each of the 500 ones easier to churn through or something so that each WU will take about the same amount of time?

    How does that work?

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    some just take longer then others, a 1000 one took me like 2 days, and a 10000 one took me like 8 hours =\

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    im working on a 1000000 WU, and so far its taken me about 3/4 of a month

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    holy shit lol

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    Remember to have two cores running at the same time (with different machine id) if you have multiple CPUs or HT enabled CPU (good ol P4s ).

    Originally posted by Etacovda
    It says something about dual machines and how to make them use both processors on there somewhere - i think its a reg thing then running 2 instances of prime... meh, im sure you'll see it anyway darky theres a few threads over at [h]ardforums about it too in the distributed computing forum.
    Assuming that you are using the console-based text-only console:

    Copy the exe you've downloaded into two different folders (you should name them 1 and 2).
    Run the exe from each folder once, make sure you go into the advanced option and give each one of them a different machine id.
    Watch your cpu usage going from ~50 to 100 .

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    Folding For Leigh

    Active CPUs within 50 days 82
    Team Id 36489
    Grand Score 199610.9 (certificate)
    Work Unit Count 2886 (certificate)
    Team Ranking (incl. aggregate) 337 of 32835
    Fast Teampage URL

    Go Team!

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    my dad just came in ranting about him being ahead of me in points ^_-

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    ill wait till i get my other 2 pc's in a month. then ill get onto it, well done all

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    Originally posted by B|ind-Reaper*
    my dad just came in ranting about him being ahead of me in points ^_-

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    You lot proberly dont know me, And same way around..... Id love to help out but seeing as i cant because my dad restarts his PC at random times etc so i lose the net.

    I wish i could've helped out and from what ive just read (6 pages) Spam sounded like a great person Keep up the good work everyone

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    heya linx,

    doesnt matter if you do lose the net, basically its only needed when the work unit is completed and it sends the data back and then d/l the next unit(as far as i know)

    if you still want to help then please by all means d/l it and start

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    Yeah alright, How much Bandwidth does it take up sending the information? Because me and my dad use it up quite fast

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    good shit linx thats the spirit

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    Originally posted by frenzy-


    um yeah but its only liek 1meg every few days so maybe 10megs a mth
    i dont know how accurate this is because you do have different sized work units, perhaps check on their website, it may have something on there

    perhaps you should limit your linux iso downloads

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    its not very big. i leave it runnign most of the time and it doesnt use up too much of ur monthly cap. i have 10g cap and i estimate it uses at most 40mb a month

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    Sweet, Tomorrow while i start school ill start folding for Leigh

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    Originally posted by beta
    its not very big. i leave it runnign most of the time and it doesnt use up too much of ur monthly cap. i have 10g cap and i estimate it uses at most 40mb a month

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    look, i know im an idiot, so im guna go ahead and ask. can someone please tell me what folding is in lamens terms ? loosing people to cancer truely suks, had my best girl friend die at 11, its gay.
    I spammed the admin forum and all i got was a custom tag telling me I'm a tool

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    Ive just got a computer running 24/7 running it.
    Better late than never ~

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    Folding waits for your cpu to be completely idle (not doing anything at all really) then tells your cpu to just crunch through a whole bunch of numbers and algorithms.

    Then it sends the data back to someone who can do something useful with it, in lamens terms.

    It utilises all the power you're wasting having your pc on when you're not using it.

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    go to the first post and read the stuff through the link. it should be pretty easy to understand

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    well you would hope wouldn't you. im waiting till i get my other 2 computers, then i will have 4 computers folding

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    I'm currently at the top of the leader board, and with another Pentium 4 on it's way, I shall rocket ahead .

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    You think you can catch up with the following;

    P4 3+ghz
    AMD T-Bird 1.4ghz
    AMD Celeron 1ghz
    Pentium 3 450mhz
    AMD k7 350mhz

    I think not...