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    Meh - I've posted this in the BST forum but why not go for better exposure

    Trademe link, with all the details:

    It's a great van - high kms, but we've never had any problems with it, and it's still going strongly. Regularly serviced too

    Someone buy this plz - my parent's aren't contributing towards my first car until we sell this...

    Btw - offtopic note - we weren't sure what to list the price as - my mum reckoned $5k was a bit low for it - the only downside is that it's got high kms, but I've been told the Hiace engines go for absolutely ages...

    Is it about right for this?

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    Hi, I've got a 96 Super Custom van, 3L diesel. I've got a couple of problems eg rev counter sender and rear sunroof lifter. Wondering if there is a specialist parts/service person around Whangarei or at least upper North Island?

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    This thread is older than his Hiace was when he made this thread.

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    JimboHiace on 3rd ave is a good dude. Really knows his toyotas.

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    was gonna say 5k is cheap for a Supercustom even if it's high k's hahah...

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    You could also try Hiaces-R-us. They're on 3rd too

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    Could also try the Hiace Hut, i hear they are also on 3rd.

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    Hey is the van still avaliable?

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    Yeah, it's tough selling a Hiace, I mean, 16 years after the original thread, I'm pretty sure he's still trying to sell it.