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    Nitto 1320

    Anyone play this game?

    Ive been playin quite alot for about two weeks now. Im still on a Civic (9.3 secs) with 24k. SLOWLY saving up for a better car ... advice on cars for me please, both my mates zoomed past me and both own Mustangs (One says its good one says its shit), they've both had Supras (Again one said it was crap and one said it was good), and now one went out and bought an RSX and the other guy sold his Mustang for a RX8 so I have no idea what car to get. I think ill just keep saving till I can afford a Skyline or something.

    Ive started my own team (Team NZ Racing) ... we have our own team colours too, but with my mates changing cars so often they are hardly in the team (When you buy a new car it kicks you out of the team and you have to reapply with your new car).

    Both of them killing each other over because "OMG YOU TOLD ME TO GET THIS CAR AND IT SUCKS BALLZ" and im here with my bloody Civic lol...

    Ill get a pic of my car soonish ... im also happy because I won a nerve-racking 5k race online!

    Im also Class A driver with 37 wins 10 losses

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    Skylines and supras run about the same times (pretty slow, about 8 seconds) I used a NSX when i played, it's quicker than Skyline 'n supra, good for about 7.2 secs.

    But then again if you race bracket races it comes down to what ever car you think looks coolest!

    Oh and word of advice, supercharged > turbo for quicker times, don't ask me why its just the case.

    I haven't played in awhile mind you, things may have changed.

    check out for some good gear ratios.

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    My friend ran 5 seconds with his Supra!!! Think he found some good ratios and he said he used Nos (Both hate using it, have no f*cking clue why)

    Cool thanks, ill try out those Ratios now.

    Also, Engine Management, should I get that? My friend seemed to believed it slowed his car down

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    Heres my car ...

    Thinking of getting some new rims. 'TK' stands for 'Team Kiwi' ... our original name for our team was going to be 'Team Kiwi Racing' so I sprayed my car, Team Kiwi Racing was taken and I havent decided to waste $1500 for changing two letters (Our new name is 'Team NZ Racing')

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    Is this a newer version? I used to lay, and then everyone figured out the money 'cheat' thing....

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    i downloaded it on my 56k, went to play it, and BAM.... "THis version is out of date, please update"

    I might try again later.

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    Apparantly the "Money" cheat is gone

    Also once it did that with me Triple S, just load the game up agian

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    I guess I could start playing again.
    Played this religiously for about 7mths last year.
    If my team and account is still active I got a few million dollars floating around if anyone needs some cash.
    My account name is TimesplitterX

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    I played from the first versions right through to 1.xx

    stopped once they starting intruducing stuff like if you send the creaters money they give u cars like the nitto funny car, some other car, free parts , money etc

    do they still do that? much scammers around still ?

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    I gave up after I lost my 6.3 Viper to a glitcher. But I've lost all my ratios so my Viper is now only making 6.4 with nos, and 6.9 without.
    There's a better selection of cars and parts now which is a plus.

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    Yeah scammers around .. just on websites tho. You can buy the F-Type and Funny Car online, this guy had 16 Funny Cars

    Hey I just looked you up, damn nice car...

    No one in your team, 3 million is that what i see? **** my team ill bring a few of us round to yours LOL

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    Alright, just made a new team and deposited 3 mil into it. GPNZ is the name, everyone is welcome to join.
    I'll shout you all 15 grand each when you join.

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    Sweet, good idea. Ill join soon, just let me finish my buisness with my team and tell my mates that im leaving for yours. 3 mates, one has RX8, one has a Mustang Cobra, one has just signed up today and already has a 10 second Civic (was an old hardout of the game). As I said im still on the damn Civic but it runs 9.1 so its all good

    Ill also have to contact RedFred who just joined my team

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    Well I just started playing this today so that would help hugely! Quite a fun game, hope more parts and cars are made...

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    Heres a tip, and its quite a good one lol.

    Im at 571 HP right, 9.1 seconds ... well I scout around the 13.5 second cars (Usually 400hp cars) find a target, challenge him for $500, do my time, quickly go to Garage and put my boost way down so when he gets the challenge he will see my car is only at 250HP, hes thinking "BAH, EASY $500!!!!" he races and I win lol ...

    Even got a re-challenge saying "200hp my ass" haha, its funny and it works... I get alot of close races tho..

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    With this excellent dontaion of 15,000 what do you reakon I add to my car? I have a few things, but what are the cheapest and best upgrades for my Civic at this point?

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    I started with all 3 Exhaust things

    Make sure you go Supercharger over Turbo

    Id say build your engine up a bit, then go get Supercharger + Pulley + Low Comp. Pistons + Injectors ... just buy everything man, but start off buying everything in Engine Internals after the Exhaust things.

    Dont bother with paintjob or spoiler/CF hood or rims yet, just a waste of money

    This team needs a private message system, and it also needs to have a announcement thing the leader can post on the team page...

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    Engine internals
    Forced induction. Supercharger none the less
    Intake and Exhaust
    Then anything else ya need

    If you need more money just yell.

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    Well yeah engine is more important than the looks! Getting engine thigns at the mo and have a supercharger.

    However can someone explain how this bracket thing works? I really don't get it, the site doesn't help either....
    I keep loosing even though I smoke the opposition...

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    You gotta get as close to your bracket as possible without going over it.

    So say you have a bracket of 6.9 and you do 6.8 you automatically "break out" but if you have a bracket of 6.9 and you run at 6.905 and your opponent has a bracket of 6.8 and he runs at 6.81 you win cause you're closer to your bracket.

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    Bracket times make the race fair. If it a guy thats real slow goes up against a guy thats fast the bracket time is to make the race even. IE: The slower guy will get a head start.

    So both of them will go the race, ... say the fast guy usually gets between 9.3 - 9.6 seconds he will probably make his Bracket Time 9.1 as for the slow guy he might get 12.5 - 12.7 so it would be wise of him to set it to 12.4.

    He will get a headstart because hes much slower. Now the reason why you want the bracket time to be close to your normal time is so that you get a good headstart. To low (IE: Your getting like 12.3 seconds on average and then you set your Bracket Time to 11.1) and you wont get the good headstart you need/want, to high and you will break out.

    Online races are never Bracket Times btw

    BTW I want to go for the Supercharger (I have Turbo). But I have these gear ratios, if I got the Super will it affect my gear ratios? Is it worth going to a Supercharger really?

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    Note to all: If you wanna join you must be a registered member on the GP forums. When you join in the message make sure you include your user name so we know who you are. Also post in this thread if you'd like to join so it's all legit. Don't want some random thinking "oh I'll just choose that user name and they'll believe me."

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    Ok me and Rifleman will be in the team shortly

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    I played it a while back, dunno what its like now (heard you actually pay for some cars lol!)
    But it was to full of bugs and impossible to get any money, I had a modded civic and about 30,000 cash but I just left it, its kinda a lame game, heard iactive accouts get deleted after 6 months so mine accounts probley gone

    LFS > Nitto 1320

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    Well that was shitty - just downloaded its 10meg odd for it to tell me "Game full - no new accounts"