Show us wat ur char looks like :)

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    Just got myself an awesome new sword -

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    you got that by farming lvl 57 blackrock warlocks in the burning steppes amber?

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    Nah from an elite in Blackrock Spire.

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    l33t gear there amber.

    heh I have a L14 NE rogue on Blackrock.

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    her garb is pretty ugz

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    ^^ n00b

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    that was my 3rd char I created that weekend :P

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    errr that's nice, since Amber is now lvl 60 :S
    and Insaiyan could u plz delete all those lvl 1 chars? the lag on Blakrock is immense, we don't need unused characters blocking the system..

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    he's proberly keeping them for the names or something. my rogue's name was 'tainted' but on blackrock someone already had it

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    I got the game for christmas, loving it so far. Im not a hardout and havnt been playing heaps but having heaps of fun.
    Notice that im on the Malygos server. Ive seen all you guys on Blackrock. When i signed up for world of warcraft it said Malygos was best for me, i get around 250ms on the server an i have 2mb telecom connection. Sometimes the ping can randomly go really high like 450ms. Did wow choose Blackrock for you, or did you change to it. Whats the ping on Blackrock, its full most of the time i try to join. Should i stick with Malygos or go to Blackrock with heaps of other people. Im only lvl 9 so im not that high of a level. Im still a n00b at wow and learning new things, and ive got one question. Whats the difference between a PVP server and Normal, because you can enable PVP ( /pvp ) on a normal server. Sorry im a n00b and probly asked a dumb question.

    Thanks for all ya help lol,

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    well... Blackrock is just a good server, cause it's Aussie + Kiwi, and some others so basically all ausiies and kiwis join Blackrock and.. yea, it's like the top rated Realm, so ppl go 'ooo look, the best realm, let's join it! ' and u know the outcome, alot of lvl 1 noobs running around..

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    actually id rate tichondrius' player quality over b'rock

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    bree wins coz hes a ****in troll : >

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    Originally posted by dunnersguy
    My char Myrrdyn
    That looks mint

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    heres me on my epic mount

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    hah nice xahl.

    i saw you in SM today, going about.
    my name ingame is Noxx , lvl38 rogue :P

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    Hahah go all the R18 guys ;D


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    are they all from NZ?, btw i noticed they have few L60's. It seems guilds have a much easier time playing WoW, having pretty much everything spoon feed to them by other guildies. & always someone to group with.

    i look for a challenge & solo alot =) I'll be one of the few who still play WoW not GoW

    hope people in guilds don't take offense to this. sign me up when i'm L50 - L60 btw if ya want me...

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    Originally posted by Dark Elder

    hope people in guilds don't take offense to this. sign me up when i'm L50 - L60 btw if ya want me...
    most guild would be gone by the time ur 50

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    Originally posted by *commodore*

    most guild would be gone by the time ur 50

    i totally agree, WoW isn't totally my cup of tea. Even know i like some games from different genres, i guess i ain't as much of a gamer as i thought i was.

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    pfft epic mount ><

    r18 has lost a few of our lvl 60s to other poaching guilds..

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    i know im a noob but

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    me @ lvl 40

    fear my cool looking leggings.................... *cough*

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    My sexy Paladin

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