Show us wat ur char looks like :)

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    This is my Main Toon :3
    Let me know what you think please!

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    Upgraded my glowsticks.

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    Just chilling on my level 1 bank alt

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    Dionmusprime wrote:
    Upgraded my glowsticks.

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    Nice legendaries, kid in my guild got them the other day... 1/8 heroic experience. Too easy to get orange these days.

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    Snappysnap wrote:
    Nice legendaries, kid in my guild got them the other day... 1/8 heroic experience. Too easy to get orange these days.
    Yeh I completely pugged mine, 1/8 heroic on that toon :P

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    Put so much effort into this guy's transmog set

    New-ish mount!

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    Here's me.... 7 years ago!

    On the road to awesomeness. Trawling through an old hard drive and found a WoW folder with many juicy screenshots - spent literally hours going through them, this is the earliest I could find of the mighty Xahlior.

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    Shield slam not bound

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    Gwarden wrote:
    Shield slam not bound
    and still using 1-= as binds, DEFINITELY old ;D

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    I wish I still had my vanilla screenshots

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    Finally finished my bear druid transmog set.

    Well, finished except for the belt, stupid heroic.

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    did someone say Vanilla screenshots?

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    lame, I deleted my old WoW folder when I stopped playing for a bit pre-wrath.

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    I've got older ones somewhere, but this is when I xfered to Frostmourne on my original toon.

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    Bring back 40 man raids! lolololol

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    I spy a Squiffy.

    Blackrocks oldest player, closely followed by Baalzaman haha

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    oldest i could find other than the ones at the start of this thread.

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    when we took over SW and installed marstar as new priest trainer >.>
    most of tier 1 epics weren't even skinned properly yet

    most of my old shit are scoreboards

    My 2h Fury warrior vs 2 geared arms warriors :P I miss my typhoon and lulzfury with double damage chain bloodthirst
    btw whos omeletta? pretty sure they are on this forum :<

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    Funny seeing those familiar oldschool Blackrock names again, good times.

    Definitely my most satisfying gaming moment to date below! Altho the free trip to america for the season 1 arena tourney was slightly more tangible...

    PvE was just so lackluster beyond original naxx imo.

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    Omeletta is an Aussie, those guys were all in Eternal Requiem

    Do miss the old 40 mans

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    Man the old armour looked gay.