Show us wat ur char looks like :)

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    Show us wat ur char looks like :)

    Well why dont we do one of these show us what ur char looks like.. take a screenie and post it here
    id like to see what others look like (specially some of the high lvl ppl) ... see the diff combinations of items and what not ill post my char when i get home from work .. i look like a xmas tree lol
    so post up ppl
    show us how leet u look

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    since i sed that i wud start it off


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    /ROAR !!!

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    lol wtf phil only lvl 5 ? :P

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    Originally posted by GTO'a
    lol wtf phil only lvl 5 ? :P
    haha only been playing 2 hrs newbie

    lvl 8 now

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    finaly got it on monday

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    ill post mine as soon as the servers come back up ;D

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    lolol nice pants cas,
    and ill post my pictures next to windrunner and thrall when i get a proggy that can convert tga (anyone know of a free one?)

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    acdsee will do it.. its a file viewing proggie.. open it up with that.. file save as jpg
    tis what i did ^_^

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    k im buying wow .

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    hax james ~_~

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    shit caek. nice looking blades

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    i knew you would be hardcore : > Trippy blades James.

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    you cut out what level you are

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    Originally posted by phalanX!
    Hax armour - what is it?

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    phalanx.. are u from pnth ?

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    Heres one:

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    heres other

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    why cut out ur level ppl :P
    havent been playing much these days
    oops seven days of play time left :P

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    i was cuttin out the 7 days of play time left :P but since u insist !

    Onix the armour i think ur referring to is the r18 guild tabbard?

    Originally posted by five dollar
    phalanx.. are u from pnth ?
    dont think so :P

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    Heres my paladin... Have not been playing much... Work... Oh well after christmas ill play a lot more

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    if one character of yours is part of a guild does that make every character on your account a guild member too ?