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    Lighting up the taxi

    Hey guys, i'm not sure if you remember but i posted a while ago that i had got rid of my UV acrylic case and was now using a coloursit yellow one? Well i bought a blue cathode dual kit, and its lighted (lit?) it up a really nice aqua blue, just thought id share pics. For some reason my website doesnt want to display anything atm so when it comes back online pics will be here

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    use photobucket.

    but yeah my orcon site is also down for some reason : /

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    ahahah, as soon as i open this thread, theres some t.v ad on tv3 at the moment, about an old times CD, and a woman singing ...

    "Yoooooooooou, light up my liiiiiiiiife"

    Cute ~

    p.s whats the tuna for !

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    Nice, you tidy up the inside a tad thou - you get marks for being able ot see in, but you lose em all if you can only see a shiteload of clashing coloured cables

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    Does the case have room for a front 120mm?

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    Can you please make the pictures a tad larger
    That way I can increase from 1280 > 1600 and still have to scroll sideways

    But on a serious note thats looking good man ^_^ A lot better than the 10th wonder of the world arcrylic night glow

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    Yeah, a spot of cable management would be the go now

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    heh i posted i was getting a black vantec kit in the origonal post before gameplanet decided it didnt want me to post that and reset my post ;P but yeah, irl it shines up a really nice aqua glow you cant really see from the pic

    - it takes 2 80mm front fans which i have on fan speed controller, i could probly squeeze in a 120 if i wanted

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    Tidy your cables man!!

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    That window looks mint

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    Originally posted by mycoolcar
    Tidy your cables man!!

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    Use a tripod with the camera next time...

    Nice lighting, and tuna

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    plz dont just look at the pics and then post "tidy your cables", if you read you would notice i have said im buying a vantec kit and 5 other people have already said it..but ta anyway >.>

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    the only thing i notice is poor cables, what else am i goign too comment on.
    ive told u b4 i dislike your case.
    now does it not only remind me of a yellow cab, but seeing the side winow glowing also reminds me of dvs shoes.

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    Could you get your keyboard cable any tighter? Pull on it a little more and the connection will break

    Nice window design btw

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    cable isnt so bad anymore

    -whore, ok mayb i reacted a bit, but it was just because i posted already that i was getting some. anyways yeah, will post when its all sleved etc

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    Thats seriously one ugly ****ing case man. No offence.

    Your last case was ugly as shit as well. (Although it was much better than this one)

    I'll organise you a new custom title I think. Why do you think they were giving those away as prizes?

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    'Cause... Cause noone would buy them sir?!'
    'Thats right Eta, well done, have a case!'
    'Aww, its all yella and ugry!'

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    i love you're custom tag.

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    *contented sigh* ive never had one before

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    i woudnt worry if ppl think your case is ugly, as long as u liek it thats all that counts.

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    Like adzest and his silvia, to him it was the shit, to most other people it was shit.

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    Originally posted by mycoolcar
    it was shit.

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    Originally posted by mycoolcar
    whore is shit.

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    Originally posted by marine
    i have not one BUT 2 pie warmers next to my bed