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    Oh, and one I posted in 2005 after Track Day 1

    if anyone remembers National's billboards from back then...

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    This one says last modified in 2003, but I think that's a lie.

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    To 'go with the flow', here's me in 2005 at the school ball.

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    ^^^ Peow Peow

    Can't find any BC pics, here's me in OZ

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    lolz, at people whos arguing whos hotter etc, to me i dont care, sweethearts gorgeous and so is everyone else
    anyways *jumps bandwagon*
    back in the day when i didnt have a digi cam, Me going to my last ball in 05

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    fryd! :F

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    I'm more than happy if you and some buddies want to do it in private though :-)
    i read that tottaaaaaallllyyy wrong , and lol @ 'BC' hahaha

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    since ball photos seem to be the flavour of the month, here is me before my ball, 6 or 7 years ago, first and almost last time I ever wore a suit!

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    I suppose I should post a 2005 pic...

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    I'm gonna post my car.

    Sounds like a race car at the moment. lumpy as **** with the fiat twin cam exhausting straight from the manifold. lovely.

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    Originally posted by no.way!
    I'm gonna post my car.

    fryd your car looks like it would be more aerodynamic driving backwards. then the exhaust would be coming out the back too.

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    it doesn't have an exhaust also I have bought the plate "FR1DGE". because it looks like a fridge.

    oldish pic

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    hey me at halloween 2005

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    Me before a Dr's and Nurses party...

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    Originally posted by Blyss
    Me before a Dr's and Nurses party...
    I'll see your exposed thighs and raise you one urine sample in a pump bottle!

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    annoyed face

    happy face

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    Tired after arriving back from an O/E back in 01

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    First pic is from late last year, or 1 year in the future, if your that way inclined. Pic was taken by one of my students. The strained smile is because I hate being photographed, the downside to having a professional photographer for a father.

    This was taken about ten minutes ago. Doing finishing work on a model for one of my painting clients. I hate painting figures for other people, but when your getting paid $15 p/hr its worth it

    And heres a random picture of one of my cats who wound herself up in the overlay

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    me 10 years ago. I age well

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    another one of me cus i love my eye colour *grins*
    (and im bored on a friday night)

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    No one's posting. ****ing ****s

    So here's me horsing around

    LOL, get it? Horsing... yeah...

    I'm boozed.

    At TRONMEAT06:

    and midway through Movember, with my kitty Ninja:

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    Don't post then! See if I care!

    With Ninja again:

    Spining my Commodore out at Track Day 2:

    Three-wheeling it through the hairpin:

    Being a vampire last Halloween: