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    "M3" looks good in green. I like the E36 coupe design, it's not quite timeless but it still appears attractive if that makes sense.

    Z car looks great also.

    Leaf is Leaf. It's a tempting proposition for the daily commute. But then would I need to buy solar and grow kale?

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    Dunno, will let you know when I've had it for a while.

    One of the houses a few doors down from me has a Leaf, massive solar array and 'No deep sea drilling' signs on their fence so maybe that'll happen.

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    Frederick James wrote:
    Galent; cleaned up nice!

    Dax; that is one sexy ass, and a great looking wagon all round. Bro in law has one of those, bought when new, then he bunged it in storage. Hasnít been touched, has like 1000kís on the clock. Not sure what he was thinking at the time, I wonder how long until itís worth more than what he paid for it?
    Weren't they around $120k here? If so, I doubt one would ever be worth that much again tbh.

    Edit: Turns out they were $97,900 for a manual, and $99,900 for an auto.

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    Pandaemonaeon wrote:
    Weren't they around $120k here? If so, I doubt one would ever be worth that much again tbh.

    Edit: Turns out they were $97,900 for a manual, and $99,900 for an auto.
    The price was one of the things that really hurt the z32. Imagine spending that much on a car with 1989 wages lol

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    Werent the few NZ R32 GTR 32's around $150k?

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    The third gen Prelude was something like $60k back in 87 or 88. Cars were as expensive as hell back before deregulation.

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    Some rich NZ'er paid near 300k for my S600 back in 1995.

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    Went up and down the North Island in the weekend. SH1 was bloody terrible, a fair chunk of it was 30KPH gravel traps. Caught a stone on the front right fork stanchion which causes the fork seal to tear and dumped fork oil all over my front right brake rotor. Had an interesting ride back up North with a rather sad front brake.
    Beautiful weather though, and did a little off roading in the Tongaririo national park. Sore ass after all the roadworks with track spec suspension

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    Quite funny going through old pics and comparing the two b4s I've had. Crazy how much of a difference there is between them really

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    Been a while since i've been in CB&M! I recently moved away from the city so needed a way to get to work.
    So first I had my R30, then my R34...I still have my R33 in storage and now I have this for daily driving....

    2008 Nissan Skyline 350GT Type-S
    V36 Shape
    Black leather & cloth interior (sport interior)
    Bose Sound system

    Want to tint the rear brake lenses, and vinyl wrap the silver trim inside.
    Would like some new wheels as well, im so used to low profiles it feels weird driving on *standard* tyres.

    But for getting to work, lovin' it

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    Pretty crazy that 45 series tyres on 18” rims are considered ‘standard’ these days. Makes me feel damn old when I remember upgrading from 195/60R14 to 205/50R16 on my first car.

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    I'm running 50 profile on my skyline still. 35 on the Fuga. Don't even know on the cube.

    Nice Skyline Jarsky. They make a great family cruiser.