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    Lousy photo, but I've only owned the car an hour.

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    ^ That's ****ing nice.

    You're a ****

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    lol is that some mean curbing on those wheels or just bad pixels there Liger?

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    GaR wrote:
    *pic of V8 in car*
    Looks like a nice fit!

    And BTW, +1 to anotherleon is a bastard. Nice car.

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    L33t_WaRRioR wrote:
    lol is that some mean curbing on those wheels or just bad pixels there Liger?
    kinda. that wheel was already curbed as when i got the car. and that was 2 years ago now, so i added quite abit on it.

    here's the other side, not too bad.

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    AnotherLeon wrote:

    Lousy photo, but I've only owned the car an hour.
    ooo nice facelift S/C

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    Short term goal on the s/c is fix funny suspension noise (this is being paid for by the previous owner, as he's a mate of mine), then probably do some dual car sprints (it already has dba rotors, uprated pads, extinguisher).

    Medium term, maybe paint the front half of the car to get rid of all the stone chips.

    For next summer, have air con repaired.

    Long term ... ?

    It's super original and tidy, so I won't be caging this car, or doing mods. It's just far too nice for that. I've been trying to get this car off the guy for nearly 8 years now. I seriously can't believe he sold it. Yay for me.

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    ^ Is that funny suspension noise coming from the front?

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    It's really hard to tell!!!!!! There's a clonk when you come on and off the throttle at low speeds, and because it feels like a clonk on the floor, it's damn hard to tell which end it is from. Then you've got a wheel bearing sounding noise at 100k that comes and goes, accompanied by a vibration through the steering wheel.

    I'm about as good at diagnosing such things as a duck is at waltzing.

    Luckily I have a mechanic who is very good (chief spanner spinner on the Hydraulink NZV8 touring cars in fact). So I've handed it to him, with the instruction "fix".

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    My AW makes all sorts of weird clunky suspension noises. I've replaced one inner rack end, and I'm soon to do the other one. Orion replaced the sway bar bushes when he had it...

    AWs are quite notorious for making bad noises due to suspension/steering bushes wearing out.

    Oh, I replaced the rear wheel bearing before track day too. That was a bit of a pain in the arse.

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    Yeah, I'm hoping this is an easy sort of a diagnosis. It sounds seriously bad at the moment! The car is at the mechanics now, so hopefully we will have a repair today.

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    Worst case scenario is apparently a shagged steering rack, since they're a mother****er of a pain in the arse to change.

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    Still not completely sure that it's the problem, but they've found l/f radius arm bushes are shagged, and some play in the l/rear strut.

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    i wish there was this many aw's on GP CM&M when i had my aw11

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    Might yet see +1 to AW11 madness next year, depends on how my househunting goes.

    Long lost DR30 coupe photo that I found while clearing the CF card on my camera, cropped and cleaned up for general consumption:

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    old school perfection! so envious.

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    The pic's a bit dated now, but it pretty much looks the same.

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    Arrrh! Tis a pity there are no new photos of my car yet... but that's coming soon

    I quite like this one despite the missing trim in the pic (which has since been replaced)

    And the dirty wreckers yard panel on this one which has since been tidied up

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    Bitchlips1 wrote:
    Sweet man that looks awesome
    Hehe cheers, I love it - Although I can't take all the credit as my brother and I bought it together.

    I'll try and get my hands on some newer pics because we've done a bit of work on her since.

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    AnotherLeon wrote:
    Looking good

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    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

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    Dam tofu, come fix my hachi up.

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    DJ Mystic wrote:
    Dam tofu, come fix my hachi up.


    but yeah...she'll be ready in 2 weeks. the kit i ordered doesnt line up at all so its gone back. i need to find a front bumper at least urgently as shes got no face till then! LOL.

    otherwise, u'll like it when it comes back....

    new guise: ferrari red with gold work vs-xx's
    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.