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    Should be ready in a week or so... hachi taking forever... stupid thing. :\

    Pic as I brought it.

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    my daily hack. still on the prowl for a project/weekend car.

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    My BMW 730i weekend cruiser

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    snow* wrote:
    Here's mine, it's a 1988 Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth RS for most of you who won't know what it is.
    Dude, I LOVE your car too. Piece of history.

    Mint condition too man!

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    My tinker toy - well, one of. Note shiny new wheels and whitewalls

    If anyone wants whitewalls for their car - let me know I can get them

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    Win ^

    Ps tofu's number plate made me lol.

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    That's ****ing nice, Muzzie


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    MX5 on gravel looks like fun....

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    Technically it's a sealed carpark. Only it has oodles of gravel all over it, so it's like driving on ball bearings.

    Was well entertaining, though I was driving to carefully as I had no spins.

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    My rides. new account after crash. hadees

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    seeing double...

    Thanks to Mettler, his flatmate Shannon, GaR, Scotty and the various other Tronians for their help with getting the car running again. Just needs the timing/idle adjusted, one outer CV boot replaced and the gearbox thrust bearing looked at. Then it's finally time for a warrant and rego

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    I drived that back to Auckland last night. The little 1.5 SOHC turbomotor goes really good

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    Orion will you marry me? And together we can own every leet 80's car!

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    GaR wrote:
    1.5 SOHC turbomotor
    and here's the E5T in all its 8 valve chain-driven fury...

    Hands up if you've ever seen one of these before. Didn't think so

    Power: 86kW @ 5800rpm / Torque: 162Nm @ 3500rpm

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    Yup i technically seen/been in one , but its a Mazda BF xxxxx , was SOCH 1.5 turbo, but it was 4wd, so i dont now if that counts :P

    it was my sisters friends car, i learnt to drive in it

    she brought anyother one after some drunk crashed her other BF (friends aye!!! )

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    had it wrote:
    My rides. new account after crash. hadees

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    GaR wrote:
    That's ****ing nice, Muzzie


    Errrr, no lol.

    Mrk 2. I can post up some pics if you want.

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    Pastorius fails at posting

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    Haha **** I do indeed, on shitty wireless that keeps dropping out in the middle of making a post

    Fixed now

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    Curren pr0n for dek0de, my dads one

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    My Pug - I'm not the best photographer in the world

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    Couple of my Mk3

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    Muzzie wrote:
    Errrr, no lol.

    Mrk 2. I can post up some pics if you want.
    You never see Zephyrs around any more