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    DJ Mystic wrote:
    Win ^

    Ps tofu's number plate made me lol.

    well what does an asian say when they see something nice?

    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

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    323 After i sprayed it with 2k primer almost ready for paint yay! accidently bent the guard a bit but getting fixed soon.
    Btw its hobogoblin.

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    vial wrote:
    Curren pr0n for dek0de, my dads one
    sweet, looks good

    94 I assume?

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    GaR wrote:
    You never see Zephyrs around any more
    Well as you can see theres still at least one kicking around

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    dEkOdE wrote:
    sweet, looks good

    94 I assume?
    i think so.

    it actually got smashed up yesterday. someone drove into the back of it pretty quick and shunted it forward into a towbar. and my sister has a hilarious neck brace for whiplash.

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    my (and problematic) car(someone else's car pic cuz i left my camera in canada)
    mine has a mildly tinted windows and sunroof

    should have new pics of it next with week badgeless mesh grille, angel eye headlights(thats the only good one on ebay), blue fog light, and hopefully a soked tail light if i get enuff $$, after i get my camra

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    Why don't you put money into things that actually do something?

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    Yeah, like hire a car crusher for about 30 minutes.

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    My '88 VR4 - Trademe link

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    Finally, got it back after 6 weeks. And I dun care if you think its a POS, its mine

    Caught the last bit of sun, with my daily driver, the mighty mazda autoslushbox.

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    picked this up today

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    ftw ! my mate had one of those cars.. had been restored, got it for $1k, was cool Fiat carby aint it ? cant quite reemmber.

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    yeah 1600 dohc ^.^

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    wtf, why?

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    Because it's an insanely cool unreliable boxlike & ugly as hell Italian car.

    I like it

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    So you pretty much only like it because it's from Italy... ok.

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    Not really - I like it because it's something out of the norm, it's a different yet attractive look, and I appreciate older cars.

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    Ugly as hell = attractive? ... righto

    throbbing euro fan

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    I'm sure mutton is just taking the piss, as he knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    ps. Ban Mutton.

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    No, I definately know it's not beautiful. Anyone that thinks so is deranged imo. I thought there might be something special about it, a cult car or a famed engine or something. Not just 'cool' because it's from italy. :|

    p.s. man lemlem

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    I used to man lemlem on a daily basis.

    On LFS :P

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    Well quite frankly it's more attractive than most mid 90s nissans

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    Zealot wrote:
    Well quite frankly it's more attractive than most mid 90s nissans

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    Rabid euro fan opinions only count to other rabid euro fans. Pizza is from italy too, maybe you should change jobs?