What anime are you currently watching thread.

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    Yup he's still annoying as.

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    just finishing up on The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. before starting on Ghost in the shell: Standalone complex (got the complete blu-ray boxset)

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    Just started watching Avatar TLA for the first time.....holy shit, this is a great show!

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    I am planning on starting Bleach, from the beginning.
    Watched the Live Action on Netflix, and it gave me a case of the Nostalgias.

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    Started watching Overlord last week and part way through S2. Really enjoying it

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    Natsume's Book of Friends

    - - - Updated - - -

    And also Sagarada Reset

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    Currently watching Fairy Tail episodes 213 to 239. Almost near the end of the main series of Fairy Tail.

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    Started watching Cardcaptor Sakura again (last time I watched it was like 10 years ago) without subs this time, feels good man

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    WarZoner wrote:
    Different type of story a little less serious than Steins;Gate but just as good.

    I'm currently watching Boruto, Once I catch up to the current episodes I'll start rewatching Code Geass. I miss the days of some melodramatic mecha anime.
    Iron-Blooded Orphans only finished last year

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    Analgia wrote:
    Iron-Blooded Orphans only finished last year
    Should've said that wasn't just gundam.

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    Finished watching SAO: Ordinal Scale seeing as the new SAO is out, was a good movie actually, even if the last part of the final fight was a tad contrived.

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    I'm completing a distinctions course this year at Auck Uni and in spite of the fact that there's a strange measure of work to do, a considerable measure of it is investigating and perusing. So essentially right now, I watch a adult manhwa scene after consistently of perusing/examine.
    I would presumably fairly diversion in my breaks, yet the amusements I like are usually just worth playing in the event that you have an hour+ to put into them. I find that the 22mins or so in one anime scene is a not too bad brisk break.

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    I'm currently watching K project. Love the OST to this series and the animation style is pretty cool as well with a nifty story to boot.

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    Anyone following the latest SAO arc? That OP is fireeeeee

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    Currently watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Think it might be my favourite anime ever along with FMA: Brotherhood & Death Note. Love the story, characters, action & humour

    Also watching Black Lagoon & Samurai Champloo. They have awesome action but are are a bit lacking story & character wise.

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    Re-watching FMA again..

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    I have been hooked to Tokyo ghoul. Just finished season 1. Any Kaneki lovers out there?

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    Just started watching Hero Mask. So far it's a pretty good sci fi thriller type of series.

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    One Piece

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    Megalobox, first ep has me hooked

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    Currently watching Baki on Netflix while I'm in hospital. If mindless brutal action between big muscly macho men is your thing you will love this lol.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    Currently watching Baki on Netflix while I'm in hospital. If mindless brutal action between big muscly macho men is your thing you will love this lol.

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    I'm currently watching Baki as well , It's pretty funny when you think about how all of the fighters has no necks. My morning ritual atm is Lupin the 3rd - In France and Full Metal Panic Season 1. Lupin the 3rd tv show is surprising pretty good. after Lupin and FMP. I'll start on Jojo's stardust crusaders Egypt arc (Animelab is slowing releasing all of the Jojo tv series)

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    Yeah love Jojo.

    In other news just heard there will be a 2nd season of One Punch Man!!

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    I'm currently watching Wolf's Rain. It's a pretty interesting series that's sorta a mix between fantasy and Sci Fi.

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    One Piece and One Punch Man