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    The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

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    i am reading solo leveling light novel and you can also read it on this website

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    I have just finished reading:
    Captain Coignet: A soldier of Napoleon's Imperial Guard from the Italian Campaign to Waterloo.
    Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne: Napoleon's Russian Campaign and retreat from Moscow.

    A voice from the main deck: Being a record of the thirty years adventures of Samuel Leech
    This one really shows the bad lot of sailors of the British fleet during the age of sail. Especially the barbaric sentence of Flogging around the Fleet with the cat-o'-nine-tails.

    All very good personal accounts.

    Currently reading:
    Eastern Inferno: The journals of a German Panzerjager on the eastern front, 1941-1943

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    just curious at what point do people give up on a book they aren't feeling?

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    Timmi wrote:
    just curious at what point do people give up on a book they aren't feeling?
    first 2-3 pages

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    Toolman wrote:
    first 2-3 pages
    doesn't seem like that much? what if it's a classic

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    I'm not feeling the 3rd book of the Altered carbon series at all. I'm still reading it, It seems even worse than the 2nd book in my view. Thinking I might try the Expanse Book 4 and so on. Still got the Jim Butcher Dresden files to work on though.

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    Timmi wrote:
    doesn't seem like that much? what if it's a classic
    And what is a classic? People have different preferences, like music, movies, art, food.

    I read War and Peace once, struggled through it, I hated it, that is one book I would not progress beyond say a chapter now.
    2, 3 pages, perhaps, maybe 10...but then I read very fast....

    If you are not enjoying a book, why persist, despite other peoples opinions, or critics ratings etc....

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    if it's written in a different era there's a cognitive headwind to get through if you want to appreciate why people believe/believed it was a classic in the first place.

    2 pages of a book is just nada imo

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    Just finished The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville, very strange.

    Halfway through Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami.

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    A Beginning at the End by Mike Chen.

    Post apocalyptic story where most of the world dies from a sickness and 5 years on they're trying to get society and infrastructure back to normal.

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    Finished the Nevernight series
    3 books about a young girl that becomes an assassin with dark powers and seeks revenge.
    While the books are alright, by the third book it felt like the author was just showing off (actually referring to his own books within the series). Also,the third book felt that that the author was more interested in writing about sex scenes rather than the story.
    Book 1: 8/10
    Book 2: 7/10
    Book 3: 4/10

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    After a long as wait due to the virus. I've finally received Book 4 of the Expanse Cibola Burns. Finally good to be reading a large sci fi book.

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    Just finished Big Little Lies by Lorriane Moriarty. Now I'm onto Truly Madly Guilty.