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    brand wrote:
    I've been making my way through John Scalzi's books. Just finished "Locked In" and "Head On" both fun detective procedural novels though it is a bit strange there is advanced sci-fi tech with human brains controlling mechanical robots but really no other examples of advanced technology at all.

    My biggest problem with Scalzi's novels is that we think on a similar wavelength and I seem to be able to guess the outcome of his stories in advance...
    Sounds like my kinda sci fi bit more grounded in reality than full on sci fi.

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    Osiry wrote:
    Didn't realise this was out! Thanks for the heads up.
    Just finished it - really liked it, though some bits were quite predictable. Keen for the last instalment.

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    pctek wrote:
    I amazed myself, the first fantasy I actually ever enjoyed.
    If you enjoyed ASOIAF (GOT series), you may also enjoy:

    - Joe Abercrombie (start with The Blade Itself).
    - Patrick Rothfuss (start with The Name of the Wind).
    - Anthony Ryan (start with Blood Song).