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    After seeing he hype about netflixs Birdbox I read the book.Really good read, a lot better than the movie

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    Just finished the last book in the demon cycle series by Peter V Brett
    Was a pretty good read - 7/10
    The middle couple of books told the history of some of the main characters which gave a great background to how they came about.
    The final book i think finished rather quickly (despite being the longest of the series) - kinda felt the author just wanted to wrap it up before it dragged on.
    Left a few unanswered questions. Maybe there will be further books.

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    Just finished Wind/Pinball, which I think was Murakami's first novel. I didn't actually realise that they were part of a three(four) book trilogy.
    The trilogy includes Wind/Pinball, A Wild Sheep Chase, and Dance Dance Dance.
    Turns out i read the trilogy in backward order, as I was just selecting new books based on their titles, rather than any knowledge of the content or chronology. Oops.

    Taking a bit of a break from Murakami and have started reading Neuromancer by William Gibson. I'm enjoying it so far, but the writing style seems a bit... jerky? It jumps around a lot without exploring specific scenes or characters in any great detail. It feels like I am constantly half a step behind and playing catch up with whatever is happening.
    Maybe it's just because I have been bingeing on an author who can spend five pages speculating on the implications of a single thought or feeling that a character has.
    The overall feeling of the book is very gritty, and I can see why it is said to have inspired the Cyberpunk genre. It reads as though it could be a prequel to Altered Carbon.

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    I'm into book 4 of Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series. It's a fantasy, but with higher tech than usual, and a very imaginative setting in which people are divided into various types of insect kinden (Beetle-kinden, Fly-kinden, Wasp-kinden, etc), as well as into the Apt, who can deal with technology, and the Inapt, who have a more magical world view. The world is extremely well realised and it's super addictive, as well as being a nice change from the usual swords and sorcery.

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    Simon mannering warrior

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    Trying to relax and read something light after my exams, so reading Good Omens. Actually re-reading it cuz I've already read it, but loved it so much!

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    Ayumarcan wrote:
    Trying to relax and read something light after my exams, so reading Good Omens. Actually re-reading it cuz I've already read it, but loved it so much!
    I love that book too! Was a Pratchett fan, then became a Gaiman fan after that book.

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    Currently reading Normal People by Sally Rooney, after I saw a bunch of people on instagram read it. It is slow going, not like it's hard to read but the way it's written makes it seem very relaxing and not much going on? Not sure how to describe it. Much in the same way as A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Almost my way through, nothing really has happened, just some people having inner monologues about their relationships in high school and university in Ireland.

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    I've just started reading the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. And I should say that I definitely like that fantasy The characters are just awesome.