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    Rig of many intial problems....

    Case & Powersupply - Silverstone TJ09 & Silverstone 650w Olympia
    Motherboard - Asus P5N-E SLI 650i - 0401 bios
    CPU - Intel Core 2 E6400
    Ram - GSkill 2GB DDR2-800 PC6400 HZ kit
    Graphics - MSI 7900GTO flashed to GTX
    Sound - Realtek HD 8ch Audio
    Harddisk Setup - 2x 200gb raid 0 - 320gb - 320gb - All Seagates
    Cooling solutions - Scythe Ninja PLUS Rev B Heatpipe - 5x Silverstone FN121
    Current Modifications/Overclocks : CPU at 3ghz

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    Budget Gaming Rig

    Case & Powersupply - 650W Silverstone PSU
    Motherboard - DFI 965 Dark
    CPU - E2140 Core2
    Ram - 2GB HZ's
    Graphics - nVIDIA 8800GTS 640
    Sound - Auzentech HDA X-plosion + HD515's
    Harddisk Setup - 500GB/400GB/400GB/250GB(boot)
    Cooling solutions - Zalman 9700
    Current Modifications/Overclocks : 3000Mhz 1.4vcore

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    My latest Beast

    Case & Powersupply - Lian Li V2000, Enermax 720W
    Motherboard - Asus Striker Extreme
    CPU - Core Duo 2 E6600 2.4Ghz @ 3.6GHz, top clock of 3.9GHz
    Ram - 4GB. Corsair Dominator XMS2 DDR2-800 4 x 1GB sticks
    Graphics - 2 Leadtek 8800GTS 640mb cards in SLi
    Sound - Only onboard Asus Striker Audio
    Harddisk Setup - 2 x Western Digital 500Gb SATA2, 4 x 80GB NCQ raid 0, A heap of other IDE 250/160/120/80 drives.
    Cooling solutions - Zalman CNPS9700 LED Ultra Silent
    Monitors: 2 x Philips 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD's
    Current Modifications/Overclocks : None as of yet. Do I really need to? lol.

    Next Buy's: Audigy 2, G15 Keyboard, guess a new mouse would be ok, another TB of storage.

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    Inside of my case,

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    Front with door open.

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    1GB Ram
    Audigy 2 ZS

    2 fan 120mm radiator
    Swiftec micro res
    CPU and Northbridge waterblock
    1/2 tygon
    1GB Ram
    Audigy 2 ZS

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    Just got the case a week ago
    Ya i know ew dirty camera lens and fingerprints
    but bling bling wheels

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    just remembered about this forum haha. Heres a few of mine.

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    Just to liven things up a little, thought i'd post my back catalogue of cases i've farked with over the last 3 years

    Starting with teh lamest of them all (1st mod, if you can even call it that)

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    And my 2nd case attempt, was made purely out of old rimu shelving, took hours and hours to complete, turned out pretty nice i reckon, beautiful grain on the wood anyhow :P

    Sold it too......

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    And another view. Now you'd think after the years i've been trolling i would have figured out or even looked into post multiple pics in one post, but nope.

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    Few of you guys might remember this one, took like all of 4 hours to do and won me prizes, w00t.

    Had a really cool lighting effect on the fern from green cathodes, might have seen it at xLAN '05, but meh.

    Fern is still alive and very healthy, although case got turned into a real planter and grew me 6 HUMONGOUS lettuce end of last year, yum yum.

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    This baby won me my current tj06 last year (plus some funky headphones). Terribly poor paint job on account of the ole "fark stripping this shit" attitude.

    I was actually quite pleased by how well a micro atx board fitted inside the mail box, like 2mm to spare around the base, it's like it was built for this purpose alone.

    Mailbox now adorns some dumps heap.

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    Current case (it's much darker then the pic shows). Paint job as of now is horribly horribly pocked, scratched, blistered and ****ed, there is no life left in it at all, and whats more, i would hate to have to strip the front, would take forever to get it back to being silver, so it will live out the rest of it's days very ugly indeed.

    (new harware in it though)

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    Case & Power supply - Antec p180 with corsair modular 620w psu
    Motherboard - Asus p5n32-e sli
    CPU - core 2 duo E6600 2.4ghz 1066 fsb 4mb cache
    Ram - 2048mb (2x 1024) ddr2 800 corsair 4-4-4-12
    Graphics - 2x asus 7950gt 512mb per card SLI
    Sound - sound that came with the mobo
    Hard disk Setup - seagate 320gb 7200rpm 16mb cache sata2
    Cooling solutions - 5x 120mm antec fans with speed control.
    Current Modifications/Over clocks : none.
    DVD asus light scribe

    (sorry no pic my camera died.)
    now i need to name it. (fully built just need the moniter)

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    Case & Powersupply - Lian-Li PC7B-PlusII case & Silvertake 600W
    Motherboard - Gigabyte 965-DS3 Rev 3.3
    CPU - Intel Core2Duo E4300
    Ram - 2gb PC-6400
    Graphics - Asus 8800GTS 640mb
    Sound - Onboard & Logitech X-530 surround speakers
    Harddisk Setup - 320mb Seagate 7200rpm partitioned
    Cooling solutions - 2 x 120mm led fans front and back that came with case
    Monitor: Samsung 205BW 20 inch widescreen (should've bought a 22 inch instead)

    Current Modifications/Overclocks - E4300 overclocked to 3ghz, 8800GTS overclocked to 600/890 (IIRC)

    Looking to buy:

    Dedicated sound card (X-Fi maybe?)
    2 x 120mm sunbeamtech silent fans
    Thermaltake Ultra 120 hsf or Scythe Ninja hsf
    Sunbeam Fan Controller

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    Gaming machine:

    Case & Powersupply - Lian Li clone of some description, Enermax Liberty 500w SLI
    Motherboard - ASUS Striker II 780i
    CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    Ram - G.Skil 5-5-5-12 2x1Gb Dual Channel 1066
    Graphics - 2x 8800 GT 512 in SLI
    Sound - Supplied PCI-X
    Harddisk Setup - SATAII 320Gb Seagate 7200.10 NCQ and a 500Gb SATA Seagate.
    Cooling solutions - Big Water for CPU, dual orb fans for both GPUs.
    Current Modifications/Overclocks : 3.75Ghz stable, 12.8 superpi 1M, 19830 3dMark06


    Case & Powersupply - Some POS 450w and a highly modified (re. welded) full tower case with a 12" house fan screwed to the side.
    Motherboard - MSI Socket 754 with the dodgy Nforce3 chipset
    CPU - AMD Sempron 2500 (I know, I know)
    Ram - 512Mb DDR
    Graphics - ASUS AGP 6600GT with VIVO
    Sound - onboard something-or-rather
    Harddisk Setup - 2x 300Gb SATA, 4x120Gb IDE, 2x 160Gb IDE, 1x 200Gb IDE with Promise PCI RAID controller and some POS Dick Smith PCI RAID controller.*
    Cooling solutions - Plug the house fan into the mains
    Current Modifications/Overclocks : You're joking right? I'm just happy if it posts and the output to the TV works.

    * Disclaimer, not all drives work at once, some just don't show up after POST, some do. It's a bit of a game of chance.

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    Case & Powersupply - TT Aguila - Task 520W
    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6
    CPU - Intel C2D E6400
    Ram - Supertalent DDR2-800 T800UX2GC4 4-4-3-8
    Graphics - EVGA 8800GTS @ 580/2000
    Harddisk Setup - 2x Seagate 250gb 8mb Cache SATA2 Raid0 (Boot+Games) - Seagate 500gb 16mb Cache SATA2 (Storage)
    Cooling solutions - Tuniq Tower 120
    Current Modifications/Overclocks : CPU at 3.6ghz

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    can just see my case

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    My trusty old TJ06. (Needs a clean)

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    I had a play with my Stacker the other day and added some bits I had laying about. (It was about time I did it, Some of this stuff has been sitting on my desk for months)
    New additions: DD Maze4 chipset block, GTS 120 rad with Yate Loon 120mm blue led fan, Alphacool bay res, Evercool VC-RE, OCZ ram cooler, Vantec Vortex 2 HDD cooler and new tygon.

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    Also rebuilt my mums PC recently.

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    3.2GHz Intel Pentium 4
    1GB RAM
    x1600xt 256mb
    15 inch 36MS
    Dell mouse pad


    22inch 5ms
    2.67GHz Core 2 E6700
    8800GTS 640MB
    2Gig Gskill RAM 800MHz DDR2
    sLi Mobo
    QckSteel mousepad

    oh and my old CRT

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    Hmmm my latest pic..

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