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    MAC_HATER wrote:
    Scored a Nexcom NISE 3600E for a song, from a dairy farm that was upgrading, but the machine itself is fully functional still, Ive never seen anything like it before, It looks like a fatter Car audio amplifier:

    It's a core i5-3610ME with 4 gig of ram, that I will upgrade to 8GB, and a 120GB SSD, 6! Com ports I wont need, but onboard Displayport I can use, it will make a cool Lounge\TV computer, but I'm currently prepping\Priming and painting the exterior heatsinks to match the rest of the TV\Cabinet\Xbox, hopefully I dont mess it up
    Painted now:

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    ^ You use special paint for that? Like something that won't limit the thermal performance of the heat sink or start peeling after a while if the PC gets hot. Or does it not matter?

    Good paint job anyway, looks like a bought one.

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    I just gave em a solvent clean, then 3 coats of etch primer, and 3 coats of epoxy enamel, and it seems pretty tough after drying, temperatures sensor and external heatsink wise are the same as before I painted, so it seems ok - that said I havent properly stressed it, its not going to be overly stressed playing music and movies

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    Are you sure that paint won't effect heat dissipation?

    Guess we'll see after stress tests.

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    I thought i'd join in with my joke like setup.

    I actually use a classic HP Z400 workstation, Luckily it has solid sides so you cannot see inside for reasons I will explain.

    Since i scored this computer off a mate, it didn't have any hard drive screws, it's got 2xSSD's in the 5.25" bays at the top just cable tied in, the 3.5" drives just sit there because yolo.

    I had to modify the power supply wiring to work because HP. so my Radeon would have enough power so I could still play fallout 4.

    oh and there's a random 120mm fan in there I don't think it does much tbh. oh and it's factory liquid cooled, how fancy. I'm sure this machine wasn't cheap when new.. lol

    I'm uhhhhhh very keen on getting an ITX type setup to replace this... maybe next year.. I'm pretty out of touch these days when it comes to PC hardware.

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    Your filthy case makes baby jesus cry.

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    Thank you. this thread has made me motivated to get a new machine however.

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    pyronical wrote:
    Your filthy case makes baby jesus cry.
    Looks like a 1080p gamers from steam hardrware survey

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    I think I got that monitor somewhere around 8-9 years ago. I haven't cared enough since then.

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    Pics to come but system is getting a few changes, should look like this when it's done
    Changed my mind on some parts, updated the list

    Case: Fractal Design R6 Blackout Edition
    MOBO: ASUS Z390 Maximus Hero XI
    CPU: Intel i9 9900k w/ Thermaltake Floering 360MM AIO
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400mhz 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200mhz 32GB
    GPU: Nvidia MSI RTX 2080ti Trio X OC
    PSU: Corsair RM750x
    SSD : Samsung 860 1TB
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    Hi Everyone

    I'm trying to locate the brand of this case for my friend who wants to build a gaming rig for his son. He wants this one because it looks like a stormtrooper.


    Name:  IMG_20180713_110737.jpg
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    I always thought this case looked like a stormtrooper - dont think Asus ever sold it as a stand alone case though.

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    Neither of those are the same case - the picture posted has some chinese writing on the case which probably means its a case only sold in China.

    The case pyro posted looks pretty cool

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    Look at this, LOL

    Love the comments: "great rig for spreadsheeting"