NewTypE is a currently a pure counter-strike source clan. We did not port from any other game and currently do not participate under the name in other games - officially. NewTypE is not only a social clan, we also take the game quite seriously and enjoy to play it competitively. We are an established clan, and currently compete in both LAN and ONLINE tournaments.
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NewTypE was started on 16th of november 2004 by jihad, a self declared gaming superstar. It was originally pretty much a transition of a cz clan, dmg inc, but jihad wanted to assume leadership because coke was a noob. The original members were Jihad, venom, sttone, scapegoat, coke and oley. The clan was constantly the underdog in almost every match we played, but still continued to have fun playing against much more experienced mgl and csnz clans. NewType was encouraged by Halo to join the mgl source open ladder and we gained more experience and skill with the addition of some great players such as xcite, lucifus, and old school ****s: Jason/ultraman from n!nJa and enjoi_ from zen. Grudge had been around for a while by now, and was constantly pushing :raging: the clan in the right direction of winning more matches and going 'pro'. His obsession to win shaped the clan in many ways. Eventually jihad felt, in the best interests of the clan, that he should give up leadership to Grudge. Jihad was somewhat afraid of Grudge's constant threats of using his polish sausage for evil means. There was constant changes to the core line up, many great players who were always fun to play with, each one bringing a little something special to the team.

Early 2005 NewTypE merged with clan Respect, former rivals, who NewTypE faced many times and often came out with close losses and wins, eventually with inactives in both clans it was decided to merge the best from both and create a new lineup, which grudge subsequently rage quit. The merge cut a lot of well known and respected players which was unfortunate. However, the team that resulted played in the xlan 2005 competition and managed 3rd place. Mid 2005 the NewTypE picked up Cr@zyArab and soon after absorbed team ix adding supertech and we had to also let grudge into the lineup bringing a whole new rage element to the team. After a few roster shuffles Chief was added to the mix. After a close loss to team p0w at WCG 2005, NewTypE became inactive for a month or so because our beloved leader wrench losing interest in the the competitive gaming, brookz and wrench quit, with atvar taking over the leadership of the clan, we hoped to reorganize and try and be more serious about this game...

After some solid scrimming and pracing during the january/february period versus aussie clans, and a brief stint on gamearena ladder, the news about wcg 2006 came out: No source. Newtype attempted to convert to 1.6, but due to the gayness of online 1.6 we decided to stick with what we were good at and geared up for Xlan 2006 CS:Source comp. After creaming the majority of New Zealand clans in the Esports Summer Jam tournament, we knew we were set for the competition at Xlan, and decided to not play for a month before. After again rolling all the source teams at Xlan 2006 we had a brief hiatus with Atvar's net going to shit for 2 months, Chief going emo over his girlfriend and grudge moving out of his shitty house into another not quite so shitty house. With this amazing level of preparation team Newtype rolled into the GotGames Invite comp, winning the first 5 games without much prac at all.. then the shock loss on cbble lead us to actually start practicing more!... for a while, defeating f4f on dust2 and then going back to a period of complacency winning the rest of our league matches and then going inactive before the playoffs where we dropped 1 map to 2 against encore.

At this stage the future seemed bleak for newtype...

Supertech: "Source is shit, lets play 1.6."
Grudge: "Yup, source is shit, can't be bothered."
Atvar: "OK, i'll play whatever wcg is."
Megarambo: "Nah **** 1.6 lets play source."
Crazyarab: "I've got a job and i'm too cool irl to bother with computer games anymore!"
Xruptince: "I don't care what you guys play, because I probably won't show up to any matches!"
Jihad: "wtf? i'm still in nt?"

Newtype was heading for the scrapheap... until 2 weeks later.

Grudge: "Lets play source hardout for gotgame/CEVO."
Supertech: "Yeah thats a good idea."
Megarambo: "YES!! I can actually kill people in source! I R GUD."
Atvar: "Wait a second, you said source was shit and would never play it again grudge."
Crazyarab: "I got a job and am working on the MEGA PROJECT PLAN."
Xruptince: <insert gotgames forum post at seemingly random moment>.
Jihad: "Yeah I can play if you need me, I promise to only TK like twice a half, maybe less. Honest."


With the depature of our best player in the team, that comes from a country in the middle east, we were going to be hard pressed to find a decent free player in New Zealand. So we did what we have always done, stole them from other teams! Xcite was returning from the UK and was set to play for dethrone and having played for some non-newb teams in UK he looked to be a good aquisition. Unfortunately there was a worm in our golden apple, and his name was Deston! So our lineup became..

Supertech, going for a piss 10seconds before the game goes live.
Atvar, "Oh shit my netcafe card is nearly empty.. ****!" Panic!
Grudge, "Nah it wasn't my fault I knifed you in spawn, its my damn mouse bug. LOOK JOSH ITS DOING IT AGAIN"
Megarambo, who defends his CT position until all 4 of his team mates are dead and _then_ rotates.
Deston, "Oh my god, 83 spectators, shit!", "Don't choke deston!", "Shut up!".
Xcite, "I used to play in this awesome clan called noc with atvar. Ashyr was awesome!"

At this point we still didn't have a full team online to war with as we await Xcite's computer from the UK and supertech and grudges internet to not be so damn ungodly shit. (And also megarambo's net to get installed, but tbh we aren't really looking forward to that.) Eventually all was set for the next big tournament, which turned out to be
GotGames Cevo Invitational Season 1.

The beginning of the season was a rough start, having to face the tournament favourite Team Imminent on train was a big ask and combined with our lack of form we were pretty badly crushed. During the season things improved as the team progressed through the season, with notable victories over Encore and Infernal. The team finished the season second in the league, but was not able to translate this success into the play-offs losing both games against the same teams they had defeated with ease during the season, Encore and Infernal.

At this stage the team was at another low in terms of motivation, there was not much to play for and Xlan 2007 was approaching. Deston cracked to the pressure and decided to go back and play with his mates in Dethrone for xlan and the team saw the comeback of Crazyarab for xlan as the team decided to take a more social approach due to what we felt would be a fairly easy level of competition. Xlan came around finally and as predicted we cruised through into the finals convincingly and defeated our closest competitor select5 in the finals 16-10 on nuke, taking home the prize for first place.

2008 saw the departure of Crazyarab, megarambo and xcite where a re-shuffle was at hand once again. During Xlan07 Newtype became close friends with 1.6 champs Halcyon and when Hellscraper and Nick expressed their interest in CSS they were quickly added to the lineup. Another standout performer at Xlan07 was Boneshot's superstar Wes a.k.a "Meat" and sticking to nt policy he was convinced to leave Boneshot and join the ranks.


By this time, the lineup was arguably the strongest it has ever been. It saw the pickup of Microsoft as a sponsor (lets not go there now shal we) and some international publicity and LAN events.

Although international results were not so flash, nt continued to be by far the dominant force in NZ cleaning up at Xlan once again without breaking a sweat.

By now, Newtype had very much become a "been there, done that clan" and for various reasons, interest in competitive CSS had faded to a big fat ZERO and the clan was dissolved.

Supertech, Grudge and Meat setup a social clan "ix" for a bit of fun and later went on to quit CS apart from Meat who is back with his mates in Boneshot. In the mean time Atvar continued playing competitively in Aussie for top team F4F which later merged into Encore until he finally was "replaced" probably because they don't like people with Orange hair... dirty aussies.

So, with Xlan09 announced it seems as if Newtype wouold not have a presence at the event...

The basically "ex-nt" social team "Abilita" crew (crazyarab, megarambo, deston, xcite) get together and decide to revive the clan for Xlan until they are approached by Atvar who expressed interest in playing NZCSS again.

The re-united nt members decide to breathe life in to the legendary clan once again.


Understanding that the loss of several "superstar" members meant that nt will no longer be the dominant force it once was, the team is still confident they can do what it takes to succeed.