Regarding name change requests.

The admins do not provide a (nick)name changing service. This is due to the overbearing list of requests they do (and would) receive, and the potential chaos that would result.

If you still want a new nickname, there is only one thing you can do, that is register a new nickname. We can possibly consider changing your nickname if you're a regular, you've posted a lot, and you're prepared to have a reference to your former nickname in your profile. It's always on a case-by-case basis however.

Instructions for the inept:

Step 1. Go to your Preferences > User Profile and change your email address.

Step 2. Check to see if the username you want is taken or not. (Search)

Step 3. Create an new account.

Regarding account/post deletion.

We are happy to remove private information listed on the forum by others that relates to you. However, if you've posted your own details, or deliberately posted comments that identify your location or identity you will need to remove these yourself. We do not have the time to search all your posts and moderate content that should have been moderated before you hit "submit".

These forums are public, and content on here could potentially be around for decades. If in doubt, do not post any comment that can be used to identity you.

We do not delete accounts. It causes a massive disruption across the forums, particularly for those who have been very active. There will be no exceptions, and even if we did, chances are your posts would be quoted by others at some point.

Please note that we have no control over how Google indexes our website, if you have deleted your own posts however they still appear in Google (or any other search engine) you'll need to contact them for advice.