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    Alias: yEha
    Previous Clans : 29a css
    Type of clan your after: serious mature
    Contact: steam or email
    Time spent playing cs: on and off since 1.5 now i want it to be my main game
    Additional information: currently LEM going for global, serious player who plays to win.
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    Alias: Papa Rone
    Previous Clans: The Copper Goblins, UoA Pub Wizards
    Type of clan your after: CS:GO Competitive team, Long-term
    Contact: Through steam
    Time spent playing cs: Been playing on and off since 06/07
    Additional information: I am located in Auckland, would love to attend some upcoming LAN events with team members. It would be awesome to get involved with a team and see how far we can take it. I'm quite competitive when it comes to CS and feel I can 'jive' with most play styles. Feel free to add me on steam and ask a few questions.

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    Alias: Smelly
    Previous Clans: n/a
    Type of clan your after: Competitive
    Contact: /02102750412 /feel free to add me on steam
    Time spent playing cs: 2050 hrs (in the 1 year i've played cs:go, aka addict)
    Additional information: Quick learner, flexible positions in game, good game knowledge and very active. Honestly I study this game, looking for teammates to execute high level plays

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    Alias: vapour
    Previous Clans: lots of 1.6 clans
    Type of clan your after: Win Majors
    Contact: or
    Time spent playing cs: Years 1.6/1000 hours csgo
    Additional information: smfc (before stupid rank shuffle)

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    Alias: aCe / Ace__ / Melo * / Meloace
    Previous Clans: Plenty of clans, abit to much for me to write tbh
    Type of clan your after: A decent team to build with and play something more then competitive
    Contact: / meloace13
    Time spent playing cs: Done from 1.0 - 1.6 . Stopped at source.
    Additional information: I've played alot of lan. and no i can be apart of a quality formed team

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    Alias: XPD
    Previous Clans:
    Type of clan your after: Semi social/serious
    Contact: games@xpddotcodotnz
    Time spent playing cs: When did CS first appear..... ?
    Additional information: Played on and off since it first came out (yes, I'm an old fart ) - looking for clan thats fun to play with yet can be serious when the job needs to be done I do have a family so not always available but generally online after 8pm most nights.

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    Alias: R3DM4NZ previously R3DM@N
    Previous Clans: Paradox, -A-, Ngat!
    Type of clan your after: Regular
    Time spent playing cs: Ages, not so much on CS:GO

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    TheSagaciousMan wrote:
    Alias: Ap3x, Ap3x.NZ, Cobalt
    Previous Clans: No clan experience iTunes Mobdro TutuApp
    Type of Clan you're after: Just looking for regular CSGO players willing to practice and play comp with me
    Contact:, ingame
    Time spent playing CS: Just under 400 hours on GO
    Additional Information: Not particularly looking for a clan, currently unranked with two more comp wins till rank, tend to play with Silver 3's atm

    Im' looking for a clan to join (im in nz so yay).
    I've spent just over 400hours on csgo and do not have any past experience with clans.
    My current rank is MG
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