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    Awesome car/motorsport pics, videos, etc

    To revive a few old threads....

    To start off with... I've posted this before, still love it I could look at that arse all day

    And a video:

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    Contribute you nutters - this is to replace the awesome videos thread that went awol, I just expanded it to pictures...

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    Ok will stick this one to replace the last.

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    Originally posted by Bitchlips1

    I've got a couple of mags with this beast in them, ours will never be this fast

    was that a mad fuel serge?

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    Too many Fords!!!

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    Originally posted by Bitchlips1

    Well you can just BITE ME!!
    Bite this :P

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    ^^ That black Vett looks awesome!

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    Hahah. Those are cool I don't dislike fords, it's just than an M3 is superior

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    Hell yeh!

    Nissan Skyline GTR

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    Someone got an impact wrench?

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    Dragsters in slow motion

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    Supercharged LS1 V8 Datson 240z

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    this would be fun go-cart with an 1100cc GSXR motor...

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    Gotta love the old Ford coupes

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    Here's a couple of my favourite old Group A touring car.... The RS500

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    Ayrton Senna

    Assorted WRC

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    Don't see many 1 o'clocker's in the GP

    and Rossi getting aggresive

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    TRDs new rally car for the S2000 class is a 4WD corolla, with 2 litre non turbo beams 3SGE engine. Same as in my MR2/carina, but with a swag of TRD bits and a MOTEC computer.

    3S-GE "Beams" 2000cc engine with 64 mm single butterfly inlet as per FIA S2000 regulations.
    Bore is 86.025 mm.
    Stroke is 86.0 mm.
    Power: 192 kW or 260 bhp (Gravel Specification)
    Torque: 240 N-m
    Rev limited to 8,500 rpm

    More info here, if interested.

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    Not all japenese drifters are good..