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    AnotherLeon wrote:

    Classic rally action might appeal to Greek.
    Thta's ****in' awesome!!! Nice find.

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    BuRrTToBuT wrote:
    Man i want the wheels from both of romans pics for my supra@!
    hahaha! Well guess what, they're both for sale.

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    And the villagers rejoiced for the tire gods were happy and granted them a bountiful harvest.

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    10/10 Effort hammy

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    hahahahaha nice one hammie

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    Cameraman's girlfriend: What's that unusual after shave you're wearing tonight?

    Cameraman: Hankook.

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    Awesome burnout

    Is that thing manual? It bloody sounds like it - if so, what gear was that?

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    hahah nice Hammeh

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    Thanks guys

    Yep, its a 5 speed manual. Starts in 1st gear until 1:25, then into 2nd. Final drive is 2.77

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    haha thats great

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    F*ckin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, that's the kind of perfume i like, "La Hankook du parfum". I could bottle it and make MIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIONS of dollars.

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    Pity Youtube only does audio and video - would have liked to smell those tyres cooking

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    i went out today with my camera.

    Bloodie youth of today

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    This is just awesome, i love this mean mother of a car, it's pure class. The driving's not bad either ROWR!!!

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    Now this is the kind of R/C i'm keen on. F*ckin sweeet.

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    Alright I never thought I'd ever say this, but... This is one pretty sweet 20V 4AGE powered car! Cuts through the pack like nobodys buisness.

    Its' in a KE25 corolla, cant believe how well it goes against those other cars! And it sounds pretty cool too! Apparently the engine is near stock, it's still running the standard ECU.

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    Impressive!! It gave that GTP a damn good push along

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    watch it to the end, it gets good from about 2/3's the way thru. much better than that useless ad with the dude playing music on tiptronic ****ing levers!

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    absolute sex me shots.

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    You guys dont like Honda's


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