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    Guy gets totally owned Bloody funny

    Christijan Albers F1 burnout

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    Vinnie wrote:
    funny vid: lots of rally crashes on one corner.
    hahhahaa!! omg this thread delivers... awesome! "Ayaheeyaeeyaeeyaee"

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    had it wrote:

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    Kamakazi Muslim wrote:
    Hahah fkn munters (also, it sounds like somebody is going super saiyan near the end of the video)

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    WTF is this ?
    R34 converted to ute running an A31 front end ? but its left hook ? R34 US ass?

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    HOLY cow this is so awesome, so fun, so SMART

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    Here you go bitchlips

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    Very wet autocross on gravel / mud. Turned the Starlet brown all the way up to the windows, took a loooooong time to clean up.

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    Ignorant hondas.

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    LOL classic^^

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    I wouldn't call this motorsport, but ****me!

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    bahahaha hilarious

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    hahaha man, although it was a generic sled of a car, it still wasn't exactly a POS. That dude's gonna wonder wtf happened when he wakes up and steps in a pool of oil,

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    Hummer have the reputation to be large trucks, solid and robust. Let us say that this one had some difficulties.

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    H2's are 4wd pimp lounges, they aren't made for off-roading, they're made for rappers.

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    Ghost Rider 5 - Back to Basics Trailer

    And the Infamous Police Getaway Chase