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    Poooooooolice car

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    Almost without doubt the racing beat Bonneville racer with it's 900+ hp triple turbo 13G engine is the world's fastest rotary car, at 387 km/h


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    racing caymans!

    Has anyone ever heard of the Mercedes-Benz T80? Between 1937-39, Germany, designed by the original Dr. Porsche to be piloted by the original Hans Stuck. Six wheels, 'wings' on the side to be used intentionally as a form of downforce(a first!), powered by a Messerschmidt-derived 44,500cc methanol V12 with 1850hp@2800RPM to start off with, and eventually 3000hp@3200RPM in final tune! They were going for close to 500mph, but were unable to finish beacuse. You know. The war. Originally they were planning on dominating the English speedseekers at Bonneville, yes, in Utah; but that was nixed as relations got more hostile. Then it was set for an eight-mile Autobahn run, as an early television event! Of course, and sadly, they never got the chance.

    It even had a form of traction control! Somehow, and I can't figure out how, if it detected any of the rear four driven 32" wheels slipping(which Porsche knew would happen at high speeds) it would automatically reduce fuel supply. Now that is ****ing advanced.

    Journalists today are really such pussies. And how is calling Obama "clean" supposed to be racist? Oh well. Back to the world.

    subaru 360
    15hp, 260cc 2 stroke, 900lbs auw, grp roof and suicide doors!!

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    Woah that T80 was certainly ahead of its time by a ****ing mile!

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    Stolen from some mr2 forums
    MR2 MK1 Turbo
    MK1 @ cadwell in the wet

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    Deerism wrote:
    Stolen from some mr2 forums
    MR2 MK1 Turbo
    My god those are quick

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    MR2 MK1 Turbo

    love the car, love the driving, love the ending

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    mmmmm, Alfa Romeo 8C

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    Warning: will make pants wet.

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    very nice montage of f1 racing

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    1000hp xr6 engine

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    got boom?

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    British Escort Madness!

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    Bitchlips1 wrote:
    You think you can't afford to run a V8, think again I love these f*ckin cool, i want one.

    sooo wanna see that in an rc car!

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    dEkOdE wrote:
    Poooooooolice car
    not a bad photoshop

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    Patriotnz wrote:
    Police car...
    No steel wheels?

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    We need an authentic one patriot ... get to shreddin'

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    "Avoid the police in 8 seconds"
    LOL @

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    Thought I'd better post this again, first one didn't work.

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    This is the greatest motorbike EVER made 170hp@130kg
    ??Maybe second to the Britten??