Pics/videos thread. LOAL!

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    This is what happens when you steal from a NASA engineer, who grew up watching Home Alone:
    Lol this one is really good.

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    I think that's what they call a hard attack

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    clockblock wrote:
    She's a nutter, but jezuz is he a cuck.

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    Should've just walked away, can't be bothered with people like that, he probably just wanted something to put up on youtube.

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    ^ sleeping with a .44 under his pillow since forever.

    I loved that show. My favourite episode was when sledge tattoo'd a map onto a random guys back in the tattoo parlor.

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    He also use to shower while wearing his gun yeah, was a great show, reckon the best humor is the really silly stuff done cleverly.

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    ^ Zika virus? Quite sad really.

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    Frederick James wrote:
    ^ Zika virus? Quite sad really.
    Yeah I thought it was quite sad, at the end he realises the person with the camera is taking the piss.

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    Floyd Mayweathers chances at beating me in a swimming race

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    ^ Also subscribed.

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    These are really well done.

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