Pics/videos thread. LOAL!

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    Polar bears in a rubbish dump in Northern Russia. This picture is only about half of them as well.

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    For shame

    Quasi, reading the Dailymail...

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    I forget how I ended up there but it wasn't from the DailyMail front page. Whatever it takes to get PB pics.

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    ^ That guy is awesome. He eats some crazy old shit.

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    Edit: new link because the old one was removed

    Part of John Oliver's new show is about how NZ keeps getting left off world maps.

    Also it's weird how sure that dumb news anchor is of herself. I'm not even American and I know they had a president called Chester A Arthur.

    Out of curiosity I just had a look through the list of US presidents and the only 2 I'd never heard of before were Rutherford B Hayes and Franklin Pierce.
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    ^ That was on the breakfast news this morning. Pretty funny.