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    Apparently there's no limit to what people will do for their 5 minutes of fame.

    Seems to me that if there's doubts about your gender, and you're not sponsored by a totalitarian regime, you should find something else to do with your time.

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    I didn't realise retarded basketball was even a thing. What's stopping someone with an IQ of 70 being good, the rules aren't that complicated.

    Timmi wrote:
    I thought she was XY, lacking male virilization,

    Re: Quasi

    Must have been pretty rough to win, then accused of cheating, then finding out you're part man.

    I think anyone with a Y competes with Ys. The cash prize to win a gold medal in a lot of countries is a big enough incentive for people to jump the fence for the wrong reason.

    would watch this woman competing all day~
    That was like watching someone give birth.

    There's more nuance to the gender thing than what you're suggesting, she's obviously not a man like me or you, I guess she's somewhere in the middle.

    I usually have an opinion about everything but I really don't know about this, it's easy to make arguments in both directions.

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    Timmi wrote:
    would watch this woman competing all day~

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    Timmi wrote:
    I thought she was XY, lacking male virilization,
    the whole idea of male and female gets pretty muddled in these situations - what has precedence, the phenotype or the genotype? rather than answer this question, the word intersex was invented.

    it's not enough to just look at the genetics, for example you can be XX and still look male and have male features due to chromosomal crossover -

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    I've been watching Archer lately and came across this scavenger hunt. Blows my mind how intricate it is.