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    Hallucinogen_ wrote:
    LOL restaurant quality? what restaurant have you been eating at? the toilet bowl?
    no need to be so rude sir

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    Fried Rice I made tonight:

    Has prawns, egg, crabmeat, vegetables and chillies in it with pickled cucumbers and marinated pork belly on the side

    Took me 20 mins including prep

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    First BBQ steak of the summer

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    Sadly, this wasn't my dinner but one can dream.

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    Had this last night. Pizzas are one of my favourite things to make: just throw some s**t on some sort of base, cook, add rocket with avodaco oil and dressing + pine nuts and it's the best meal ever with no effort

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    My perfect Saffron Risotto:

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    TheMango wrote:

    Sadly, this wasn't my dinner but one can dream.

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    My creation (only the risotto base is from a recipe):

    Shallot and Fungi Risotto with Puffed Wild Rice

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    The coffee house tonight!!! (christchurch)

    c by widcatnzl, on Flickr

    was great

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    Decided to finally start cooking with couscous tonight. Started off easy with BBQ'd veggies, and steak marinated in wild meat sauce, but keen to learn som good recipes.

    Excuse the hipster filter, I took the photo with a social app, Path.

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    with fresh baked bread
    Needs to stop telling GPOD when he masturbates.

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    well not dinner, but lunch :P

    mushy peas were

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    Tonights dinner. Pasta with pesto, feta, pine nuts and basil. Pretty much no effort and tasted great

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    ^Insai - looks mean, where's that from?
    nice presentation phoenix

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    STK @ Rydges off Hobson St. random lunch time food adventures 4tw :P

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    tonight = epic salad, & venison medallions in a cranberry & red wine jus with a splash of vinagrette
    unfortunately the jus came out wayyy too runny and just looks like blood all over the plate, lol

    nice and rare, just how i like it

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    TheMango wrote:

    Sadly, this wasn't my dinner but one can dream.
    that might be mildly tasty but looks bloody nasty + good luck to your body after you eat that

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    Lentil and onion stew. Was actually pretty good

    Doesn't look that much like the recipe :P

    Recipe here:

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    another lunch ;x

    Tuna steak, stir fried veg, miso soup, salad, and random spoon.

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    Surf n Turf

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    doesnt look like your steak got a proper rest.

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    Android Grim wrote:
    doesnt look like your steak got a proper rest.
    This, I always used to chuck it straight onto my plate after cooking it, never again! Pretty epic looking steak though.

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    Yeah, was too impatient to let it rest

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    Looks like your dog wants some aswell. :P Looks good anyway.