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    Reminds me I need to sell the roof liner out of mine (as well as a heap of other things).

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    Eagle wrote:
    Still an evolution. If you have worked on them you would understand where im coming from.
    Good to know ... reasonably tried and true formula then?!?

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    Apart from introducing Valvetronic and electric water pumps but they did fix the Vanos and Disa systems. Typical car manufacturer really - fix a previous problem whilst introducing new shit to cause issues.
    Still no doubt its one of the most reliable modern BMW engines whilst ending the N\A 6 tradition on a good note.

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    Just had to necro this, this time it's TradeMe themselves who are having a laugh:

    They've redone their fees for cars, if you list a car $5-10k you're now looking at an upfront fee of $100.

    Oh, by the way it now only lasts 90 days, and if it doesn't sell in that timeframe, then you have to pay a renewal fee.

    Also you can now only put up 10 photos.

    And it is now extremely hard to get to the fees section (I had to click through like 7 pages, and page 6 says, "Whoops, it's not actually here, please go to the old page linked here" even though the first section is outright called, "Selling and Fees"

    Here's how they're advertising their new fees:
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    Yeah they are greedy scum, the fees pages proves that and its been obfuscated for ages, i thought it was genuine for awhile. I only use them as last the last resort these days and make sure i bypass the auction for anything big. **** you mother****ers.