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    disturbed individual

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    ^^Hahah, did he just weld a Half cut in or something?

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    wtf at the dipshit trying to sell plates and vin tags on someones trademe auction. what a fool.

    keen on sum plates and tags off a 86 s4 rego on hold car had been is a crash 200$ posted by: elisha111111 (new ) 9:31 pm, Sun 20 May
    . 12:06 pm, Mon 21 May

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    i would like to know what the vin tags are for that car they are trying to sell.
    And lol at the auction itself, with the guys disputing whether it can be regged or not.
    sadly, by the looks of things, it cant. lots of shit to be done back to OEM just to get it right, plus doesnt meet FIS rules. LOL. Race-car only. hahahah Would be good for a track tho.

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    Kamakazi Muslim wrote:
    Check out the indicator stalk. Got 80's Sigma

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    wao, definately not my cup of tea.

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    I hate people who flash up their exterior, but do sweet shit all to the engine and runing gear.

    I mean, it makes your car looks fast, but it's actually a piece of shit.

    Also, this example is just downright ugly.

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    wtf is up with that double wing????
    ****en hell

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    Some people just don't have taste.

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    Would that wing even be legal?
    It wouldnt even fit in my garage

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    Lol. At first I thought that wing was part of that building. On closer inspection, I realised that building wall was a bit long on some parts

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    i thought this was mild funny lol

    look at question & answer #3 and #5

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    At what speed do you achieve lift off? and air new zealand is looking for their stolen wing was it hard to paint out their logo you non boy racer you. posted by: sw4eva (138 ) 1:51 pm, Tue 29 May
    I hope you did not try to insult me, so I'd take your comment as a compliment - this is a very nice and great looking wing, not many like this around.

    his isnt a snarky comment i just have to say that's a huge wing man! whered you get it? would look good on my hiace i think. posted by: bentley_lover (5 ) 1:08 pm, Wed 30 May
    Thanks for the question. I believe the vehcile was imported with the wing (Kakimoto).

    would u be interested in selling the wing seperately? im looking for a new surfboard. posted by: chloeandmatt (new ) 11:24 pm, Fri 1 Jun
    . 1:33 am, Sat 2 Jun

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    bahahaha so illegal in many sense, but good larf!

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    OMFG check out the interior etc of this VL walky replica.. the owner needs a bullet.

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    checkout this

    wonder if its a short shift

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    had it wrote:
    OMFG check out the interior etc of this VL walky replica.. the owner needs a bullet.
    That's not a replica, not even close. What it is though, is a peice of shit.

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    L33t_WaRRioR wrote:
    checkout this

    wonder if its a short shift
    big red dildo more like it!

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    ^^ That VH is just begging for a coat of matt black lose the filthy wing and scoop and it could be aight...


    The van itself is tidy, but:
    Q: I like your van but whats with the camo, does it go fast.
    A: For a van yes it goes fast. Not everyone likes to have the same thing as the masses thats why we do mods like camo etc
    (emphasis mine) the irony

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    I see your van, Orion, and raise you this van: