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  1. Yelling
    Welcome to the SMG CSS gaming servers thread

    Our servers will be listed here so check here for updates

    For community and lan info go to [SMG] CSS Pug Server1 [SMG] CSS Booking Server2 [SMG] CSS GUNGAME Compitition Server3
    Public [SMG] iPlay Gun Game Server2

    If there is a problem with a server MSN or email me ASAP

    Public Player Rules

    No Cheats or Hacks of any kind!
    Do not use bug's in the game to your advantage.

    No unfair play.
    Unfair play can be anything exploiting any unfair advantage!
    Gun Game rules are no
    Camping or Holding 1 place for longer than 1 minuite!
    Camping or Holding 1 Choke point.
    Camping or Holding ladders (people have half the accuracy when climbing a ladder)
    Vanila rules are no
    Using bugs or glitches to your advantage
    Using Bhop to gain a advantage in position! Do it for Fun not to get to a choke point faster.
    Dominating others If they are obviously newbies (practice you knife or with lower level guns).

    Come Join us any time for a game
    Remember Be nice or be kicked

    If you have been banned and want to be unbanned Post in this thread with all the details
    Steam ID
    Admin who banned you.
    It is simple if you cant ask politly with all the information we require you won't get a response!

    Warmod commands
    These commands are all triggered by the say, say_team and rcon command

    The WarMod specific commands can be triggered with either a '/', '.', eg: .notlive and /notlive will both work, (Note: - They can be changed by editing PublicChatTrigger and SilentChatTrigger located in "cstrike/addons/sourcemod/configs/core.cfg")

    /notlive (Aliases: /nl, /cancelhalf, /ch)
    Cancels the half scores and restarts the round once, if wm_autoready is 1 it will automatically bring up the Ready System.
    /cancelmatch (Aliases: /cm)
    Cancels the match scores and restarts the round once, if wm_autoready is 1 it will automatically bring up the Ready System.
    /readyup (Aliases: /ru)
    Toggles the Ready System window, practically disabling the ability to automatically lo3. This is needed if wm_autoready is set to 0.
    Manually swaps all players to the opposite team
    /t & /ct
    Will set the CVARs wm_t and wm_ct respectively
    Toggles the CVAR wm_active
    /knife (Aliases: /ko3)
    Removes all money + weapons + c4 and executes wm_knifeconfig
    /cancelknife (Aliases: /ck)
    Cancels the knife round
    SourceMod Commands

    These are built in, using basecommands.smx and basebans.smx, they include the basic commands needed to manage the server:

    /rcon <argument>
    Will execute any rcon command if the client has permission
    /kick <partial name>
    Will kick a client matching specified name
    /ban <#userid|partial name> <minutes|0> [reason]
    Will ban a client matching specified userid/name
    /banip <time> <ip|#userid|partial name> [reason]
    Will ban a client matching specified ip/userid/name
    /unban <steamid|ip>
    Will unban a client matches specified steamid/ip
    /cvar <cvar> [value]
    Will change a CVAR to the specified value
    /execcfg <filename>
    Will execute the specified server config
    /who <partial name>
    Display admin permissions of the matching name
    And by partial name, it means you can use part of a players name, as long as its unique to them only. eg: "/kick elve" would kick a client named "Twelve-60"

    Client Only Commands

    These commands are all triggered by the say or say_team command, so global and team chat.

    They can be triggered with either a '/', '!', or '.', eg: .ready !ready and /ready will all work.

    /ready (Aliases: /rdy, /r)
    If the match is not live and the ready system is enabled, it will mark you as ready
    /unready (Aliases: /notready, /unrdy, /notrdy, /ur, /nr)
    If the match is not live and the ready system is enabled, it will mark you as not ready
    /scores (Aliases: /score, /s)

  2. Post
    Pugs (Pick Up Games) can be any night. Come join us
    Well guys and Girls
    What is a PUG? "Pick Up Game"
    Basicaly a Pug is focused on Team play with a apointed team leader to run tactics and lead the each team.
    Starts with everyone asked to go spectator or they will be kicked!
    The Admin asking 2 people to jump in the game as Team Leaders.
    The Team leaders Knife for 1st player choice!
    Then each leader takes a turn to ask a player to join their team.
    Once teams are full people can .r to start or admin will force server to start.

    Pugs normaly start at 9:00pm NZ time (they may be on earlyer but expect it to be a bit Lagy before 9:00)
    The server [SMG] iPlay CSS Pug Server 1

    Pug Rules:
    : If you jump in the game you are commiting to that whole game (or must have replacement to jump in)
    : If you join the server make sure you go spectator 1st
    : Then ask a admin or team leader if you can join a team
    : Wait for admin to ask you to jump into a team.
    : You must play as a team and do as ask by your team leader!

    Server will be passworded at all times to keep unwanted people out Pass for the server will be "fcc"
    We will use a standard password for the server so people know what it is!

    Remeber this is for fun and to learn some tactical play so dont take it to seriously
    Comon rules in Team play

  3. Post
    // Admins

    // Senoir Admins with rcon
    "STEAM_0:0:766" "99:z" //[SMG]Smeg
    "STEAM_0:0:157879" "99:z" //elvenfyre
    "STEAM_0:1:207047" "99:z" //[SMG]sinistah
    "STEAM_0:0:3713574" "99:z" //[SMG]Tinga
    "STEAM_0:0:69459" "99:z" //[SMG]Frost
    "STEAM_0:1:6241992" "99z" //[SMG]Reaper
    "STEAM_0:0:21852449" "99z" //[SMG]Reaper
    "STEAM_0:1:19205927" "99:z" //[SMG] Libe
    "STEAM_0:0:30443659" "99:z" //[SMG] MrT

    // Senoir Admins
    "STEAM_0:1:2932145" "99:z" //dvd
    "STEAM_0:0:480862" "99:z" //tomtard
    "STEAM_0:0:555182" "99:z" //[SMG]Delta
    "STEAM_0:0:387996" "99:z" //[H]pinky
    "STEAM_0:0:16289321" "99:z" //[H]Kraze
    "STEAM_0:0:18301293" "99:z" //[SMG]meow
    "STEAM_0:0:3732" "99z" //lordbob

    // Admins
    "STEAM_0:0:25234" "z" //[SMG]blab
    "STEAM_0:1:1911271" "z" //[SMG]Blitz
    "STEAM_0:0:280852" "z" //[SMG]boax
    "STEAM_0:0:2808524" "z" //[SMG]Boax
    "STEAM_0:1:547113" "z" //[SMG]Catcha
    "STEAM_0:1:827571" "z" //[SMG]Crow
    "STEAM_0:0:7373014" "z" //[SMG]Dynasty
    "STEAM_0:1:9616351" "z" //[SMG]Filter
    "STEAM_0:1:10749638" "z" //[SMG]Revelation
    "STEAM_0:0:6275619" "z" //[SMG]Silage master
    "STEAM_0:1:20273926" "z" //[SMG]Mis3ry
    "STEAM_0:1:4480" "z" //[SMG]wolve
    "STEAM_0:0:23746" "z" //[H]Aethor
    "STEAM_0:1:162646" "z" //blasphemy
    "STEAM_0:1:117173" "z" //blindreaper
    "STEAM_0:0:2831651" "z" //benor
    "STEAM_0:0:149437" "z" //brettw
    "STEAM_0:1:5404489" "z" //creeper
    "STEAM_0:0:387996" "z" //Deerism
    "STEAM_0:1:82245" "z" //disallusion
    "STEAM_0:1:12765123" "z" //disasta
    "STEAM_0:1:2165647" "z" //douche
    "STEAM_0:0:3174197" "z" //ezy_meat
    "STEAM_0:1:2984366" "z" //George
    "STEAM_0:1:9507069" "z" //hylight
    "STEAM_0:1:7429715" "z" //Intake
    "STEAM_0:0:10889520" "z" //Letha1
    "STEAM_0:0:13107969" "99z" //JhonyR
    "STEAM_0:0:55851" "z" //Nightsystem
    "STEAM_0:0:267318" "z" //Manu
    "STEAM_0:1:12869317" "z" //naykd
    "STEAM_0:1:49028" "z" //Rah
    "STEAM_0:1:5281903" "z" //Redroman
    "STEAM_0:0:1207201" "z" //revolt
    "STEAM_0:0:12082172" "z" //rhyno
    "STEAM_0:1:114062" "z" //sonsee
    "STEAM_0:1:162107" "z" //sozz
    "STEAM_0:1:113260" "z" //Stimpy
    "STEAM_0:0:2602637" "z" //suffer
    "STEAM_0:1:12513628" "z" //Sxd
    "STEAM_0:0:5232480" "z" //Therk
    "STEAM_0:1:528666" "z" //Vegeto
    "STEAM_0:1:646610" "z" //xeno
    "STEAM_0:0:22448537" "z" //bobman
    "STEAM_0:1:13197268" "z" //Ren
    "STEAM_0:1:3081044" "z" //tz
    "STEAM_0:0:97848" "z" //xxtermxx
    "STEAM_0:1:698848" "z" //Tinhead
    "STEAM_0:0:19219059" "z" //banana
    "STEAM_0:1:13370788" "z" //Lazy
    "STEAM_0:1:12073470" "z" //XXX
    "STEAM_0:1:19237404" "z" //Nexus
    "STEAM_0:1:49028" "z" //ash
    "STEAM_0:1:23675631" "z" //Wolfgange
    "STEAM_0:0:12759782" "z" //Beavus
    "STEAM_0:0:18405236" "z" //Drifty
    "STEAM_0_1:14362487" "z" //Sandman
    "STEAM_0:1:26693464" "z" //Scnurf
    "STEAM_0:1:11017767" "z" //Garry general
    "STEAM_0:1:5931922" "z" //sic_as
    "STEAM_0:1:5931922" "z" //sic_as
    "STEAM_0:1:16058670" "z" //Zero Tollerance
    "STEAM_0:1:8036148" "z" //Colossal Warlord Kt
    "STEAM_0:1:26693476" "z" //Mr_lag
    "STEAM_0:0:11672940" "z" //iolite
    "STEAM_0:1:350382" "z" //M4C
    "STEAM_0:1:30398064" "z" //Batman
    "TEAM_0:0:19295736" "z" //Bruce Banner
    "STEAM_0:0:24850307" "z" //Flame
    "STEAM_0:1:12065356" "z" //Alchemist
    "STEAM_0:0:17441914" "z" //Exile
    "STEAM_0:1:25280262" "z" //Deadpool
    "STEAM_0:1:14016380" "z" //Randomonian
    "STEAM_0:1:17209593" "z" //Central
    "STEAM_0:1:16395668 "z" //Charoo
    "STEAM_0:0:6382646" "z" //Kure
    "STEAM_0:0:2457055" "z" //Dracothian

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    sheesh smeg left me out on the list lol is it cause I don't gobble?

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    shit Soz Sandman to many changes happening i have added you again

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    Just so people understand how much trafic the servers create
    this is last months trafic for the new Server at ACS 90% of the trafic is The Pug server
    Traffic plan Game Server SMGACS
    Traffic used
    Domestic 93941.9MB
    International 44414.3MB
    About 100 gig For the Pug server

  7. Post
    Yo Logan hook me up with pug server admin ?

    Ansis is away and the pug server hasnt been crankin as hard lately.

    STEAM_0:1:11024765 <-- incase you actually do xD

    I'll readd you on my new steam anyway