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    Opposite of the funnies thread!

    Please keep this for actually rare/desirable cars... A slightly tickled S14 turbo or V8 holden is pretty boring - a VERY tickled car is cool. Or cars that are cool from factory. If it's awesome, post it here.

    I shall start....

    Yes it's a pug, yes it's fwd, and yes, shopping cart. But it's the rarest one around. And pretty damn quick.

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    ^^ pfft, there's one of those parked at Datacom Federal pretty much every day.

    I wouldn't mind this, TBH:

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    Ironically, I know the guy selling that. Well, rather, I know a guy who knows the guy.

    And that's not just a 106 in that first link. Look at it properly.

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    This is probably my dream car, one of the most beautiful cars ever made:

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    Agreed. My friend's dad has a beautiful green one. It's soooo nice.

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    Already listed this one before and I still want it (I'd change the wheels though)

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    He says "drift", hence, it sucks

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    Got traction? Pretty impressive though.

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    **** thats cheap !!!

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    Zealot wrote:
    He says "drift", hence, it sucks
    You say "Peugeot", thus, you suck

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    Got me there

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    Zealot wrote:
    And that's not just a 106 in that first link. Look at it properly.
    I have. The one at DSL is either a 106 Clubsport or Rallye model, complete with the white steel rims.
    DJ Mystic wrote:
    Apparently the car is still in Japan and is under negotiation (probably by some Russians) so there's no guarantee it'll ever make it to these shores...

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    Nice! The white wheels aren't supposed to be steel, they're alloy if they're the oe ones I think.

    Edit: Oh wait, I lie. Steelies.

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    The only thing that could be even more of a wedge than that celica or the aw11... The sides are slightly rounded but the rest is wedgey.

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    Click on image on trademe auction, get to images page. Right click on the image you want, copy image location. Paste into reply box with img tags.

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    Cheers bro, but you forgot to mention you need to click properties, then copy the location, for clarification for other posters, at least for I.E 6

    Damn, that is hot.

    As for this one, completely impractical, but shit, it looks good.

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    No, I didn't forget. It's called... "WHYAREYOUUSINGIE6!" or

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    -test :mad:

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    200mph car with its spoiler removed? Surely that car will be getting dragged a bit at that speed?

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    Kamakazi Muslim wrote:
    -test :mad:

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    Zealot wrote:
    No, I didn't forget. It's called... "WHYAREYOUUSINGIE6!"
    Shut up with your 'use alternative browser X' spiel.