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    Thats a bloody nice FC, and especially nice since it is the rare S5, not the all too common bogan'ed out S4!

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    Riftcreator wrote:

    Bloody nice car. I'm digging the "Photoshop" job on the number plates.

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    Not trademe, but yes please


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    Orion wrote:
    Not trademe, but yes please

    I just came.

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    Not on trade-me, but, so mean looking it'd make kids cry.

    $28,000 ono, that's cheap in my books.

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    Hope this hasnt been posted yet.
    Didnt know ther was one in New Zealand. DO WANT!

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    nice. but 3.8 mil for it?

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    that makes two charcoal RX-7 turbos on trademe within two weeks of me putting my $$$ aside for a house. And this one's from Harwood Cars as well

    the gods be cruel.

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    VERY nice! Nice to see such an original example I hope some twat doesn't buy it and ruin it with chrome wheels and some nasty looking kit

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    Even mettler would drive that corolla.
    Must be a handle to drive tho.

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    Fall3n- wrote:
    Man that is one of very few jappas i like and can't believe how cheap they have become. When i was lookin at getting one they were around the 20k mark.

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    Fall3n- wrote:
    Fugedy kit if you ask me :\

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    Fall3n- wrote:
    They're a good car but that's an awful example IMO

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    Oh my god, if I had $30k a good part of my life would be complete! Also a nice UK Import 330Ci

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    hell yess

    McLaren F1 FTMFW!!!!111

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    Lord monkey wrote:
    But yes, awesome car.

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    Wonder if he would trade for a DR30 skyline.

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    swap a nissan for a ford , IS YOU ON DRUGS BAY !!

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    Kamakazi Muslim wrote:
    swap a nissan for a ford , IS YOU ON DRUGS BAY !!
    Not when that Ford is a COSWORTH!!!!!!!

    Go for it Ed, the worst he can say is no.

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    those wheels look ugly as being super super deep dish.