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    Blizzard has a NZ number now with NZ hours.

    0800-452-520 7am-5pm (NZST)


    or if you need to contact them via their American Support number:

    Live representatives are on hand Tuesday through Saturday, between the hours of 4:00 am and 1:00 pm New Zealand time.

    Billing Support: 01681 800 592 5499 (or 01681 800 59 BLIZZARD)
    Automated 24 hours
    Website email form

    Technical Support: 001 949 955 1382
    Automated 24 hours
    Website email form
    Tech Support forum

    In-Game Supprt (GM's)

    I kept this thread open in case some people are able to offer advice for when calling and what not

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    cheers brother, thats awesome

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    Also may I suggest using a calling card if you're not using VoIP. Sure beats the "competitive" prices that Telecom has up.

    As for the customer service, their service is extremely competent, and personally I've found them to be very helpful. I had to call in when I wanted to upgrade my BC copy to BC Collector's, and the person was very helpful while he went through the new system and procedures.

    I'll also delete crap from this thread if there's no supporting evidence, or just pure retarded posts.

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    I agree with what Storm said about their service - I spoke to billing about a mystery charge on my Credit Card, and it was sorted very quickly with absolutely no hassles

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    no need too spend 20 bucks using your normal phone or even 10 bucks on a phone card

    Use Skype its free

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    Varis wrote:
    no need too spend 20 bucks using your normal phone or even 10 bucks on a phone card

    Use Skype its free
    skye still needs money....

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    no it doesn't, not when a friend of mine used it.

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    so i just call the number above via skype and its free?

    also, what information do i need to change email/phone no.

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    everything about yourself that you submitted to them when you made the account,

    DoB, the phone number tied to your acc etc etc

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    so i want to call billing hopefully today to get my account details retrived...
    what time do they close? i know its 8am-8pm pacific time but new zealand time?


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    Tuesday to Saturday from 4am - 4pm

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    Thanks for share.I had been ban once time

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    Awesome thanks alot

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    01681 800 592 5499

    tried the number, got a IVR message. Waited.. then disconnected.

    Anyone contacted Blizzard lately?

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    Just gave them a call for the first time, about 30 minute hold time which was expected (4m+ client-base in the US, was almost impressed). Got a really friendly guy on the other end, no pissing around, asked me two basic questions, what I wanted my new email to be a sent off my new password to it within 2 minutes.

    9/10 Blizzard, well done.

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    Has anyone ever mentioned the wow billing automated voice sounds like she has a terrible lisp, and is 14 years old.

    Oh and it was free for me on skype

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    People saying it's not free on Skype, remember to change the Region to America.

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    <-- noob to skype here. Are there bindings to use your mic on skype?

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    Not sure where the above number came from, perhaps it has changed since this post.
    The correct Billing and Accounts number is 001 949 955 0283

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    Skype allows you to call toll-free 1-800 USA numbers for free, regardless if you have Skype credit or not.

    Download Skype, create an account, sign in, and then call Blizzard on whatever number they give you (just make sure it starts with +1 800).

    Billing appears to be +1 800 592 5499 (according to anyway).

    And yeah the voice sounds almost sounds like a chipmunk.

    Oh, and Diablo II music while on hold is pro

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    Using Skype, are they always busy?

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    I dunno if it's a Skype problem or not, but sometimes the line's either busy or some generic operator message says try again later.

    Doesn't always happen... just try it a few times, try later on if it persists :/

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    basically i got scammed because i'm a noob. I got my account back thanks to this thread (had no idea how to call them)

    my account still has the scammers visa and 6 months paid time lol, should i tell them ?

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    LOL no. Serves the Scammer right.

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    i get automatically disconnected trying to call both the US and Aus numbers?