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What will FighterWoman day/do

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Yes, break down and cry and confess eternal love
245 41.04%
No, break down and cry "you're too hot to tie down"
34 5.70%
Yes "muahahahaa you dunno what you got yourself into"
174 29.15%
No "Get away from me you creep" (runs away_
144 24.12%
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    SHIZ! damn thankx for the mass grats boys and girls.

    Hey Ive been meaning to ask, I know there were some of you on the verge of proposing

    think it was Nesian and dps, any progress on the situation

    (btw being engaged feels weird lol all of a sudden we are like so nice and courteous to each other.
    I wonder how long this is going to last)
    He's rough, he's tough, and bad guys yell "enough"

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    Hrharha great work man

  3. Post
    Big late grats!

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    Grolim wrote:
    Big late grats!

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    Good work FM, congrats mate

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    Cynos wrote:
    Ka pai. Oneee of ussss... oneeee offf usssss.... Now you'll learn the pain that comes when your money becomes "our" money (which means "hers")
    Unless you are like me and earn less than her, in which case her money becomes 'ours'

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    Does that make you feel like less of a man?

    I'm positive my balls would shrink at least 10cm if I was in that situation.

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    'grats man

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    The Hun wrote:
    Does that make you feel like less of a man?

    I'm positive my balls would shrink at least 10cm if I was in that situation.
    It's weird, but when you realise that there is no way on God's green earth you are ever going to have the same earning potential, you relax into it and spend her hard earned cash pretty happily .

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    ^^ agree with this guy.. at the moment she earns close to twice as much as i do.. which i'm fine with.. coz i'm not doing too bad on my own.. $$

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    A man can make the money but money does not make a man.

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    Awesome man

    Power to you.

    And if you wanna buy me shit, go for it... just throwing that idea out there.

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    Definitely well played.


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    I know I'm late... but Congratulations FighterMan!

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    I'm way late, but...
    Congratulations dude! Nice job on the surprise. It HAD to be done.

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    yeah me to... Congratulations

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    FighterMan wrote:
    I am now typing this email/post as someones FIANCE!!

    SO we walked into the room she's like "wheres everyone"
    Me: "Oh they must be in the kitchen"

    she walks into the kitchen to see the candleight dinner setup

    Her: "oh your'e so sweet blah blah"

    Me: (shit need to surprise her, pull the ring out without her noticing) "babe can you heat that dish up in the microwave"

    Her: "sure" (Turns around)

    Me: (on my knee ring in hand)

    Her: (Turn around) "What the hell .. oh my god OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!" x 1000 times

    end result
    Congratulations. I am Grinning from ear to ear for you.

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    i've already congratulated u bro but i'll do it again here on GPOD.

    FighterMan is my idol

    FighterMan 4 prez!

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    Cynos wrote:
    Honestly, being the main provider is not ball enhancing. Sending the Mrs out to earn her way ftw.
    I knew cynos was a pimp

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    "Grats dude!

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