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    Rules of Internet, Broadband & Networking Forum

    There will be absolutely no talk of downloading illegal files at all. That means posting "I'm downloading Linux ISO's", there's a Linux forum to discuss which distro you happen to be downloading. No linking to trackers, no mention of whether or not you use public/private trackers.

    1) Do not start threads on how to ask about getting around the new 'Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Bill' aka three-strikes law. This discussion has been done to death and we do not need more.

    2) Any user posting malicious links to any outside content that contains warez, copyrighted media etc. will lose their right to post in this forum temporarily. The discussion of attaining copyright software or media is also not allowed.

    3) People come here for help more than anything, if you have nothing worthwhile to say then best not say it.

    4) The promotion of your own products or services must first be accepted by a Moderator of the forums. Also the posting of referral links is likely not going to be accepted by our users either.

    5) And lastly try and keep it clean, no personal attacks or excessive swearing will be allowed.

    While we try to keep the forum clean and legal we cannot read every post. If you feel something doesn't belong or is offensive then report the post and we'll deal with it.
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    Also, before you ask for help, please ensure all posts contain:

    What connection you have:
    What suburb you live in:
    What exchange you are on (if you know):
    What router or modem you are using:
    What ISP:
    Screen shot of your router status page:

    And if you are asking for help regarding speed or latency/ping issues:

    Some speed tests to a few sites on (e.g. Auckland and Sydney):
    Traceroutes to common sites (e.g.,

    Threads asking for help that are missing the above information will be closed.