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    Selling of accounts

    As per the rules that were posted before the meltdown, there cannot be any discussions of selling your account.
    If you wish to sell your account, you can create an auction at the various sites but cannot:

    - link it here
    - ask people to PM you about the selling of your account
    - offer to trade accounts
    - anything anything anything to do with the act of selling anything to do with World of Warcraft, a product of Blizzard Entertainment.

    Any post that breaks said rules will be removed and repeated offense will be punished.


    With bees.

    Beta keys and private servers

    - Linking to or discussing private servers is not allowed.

    - Selling of beta keys for any blizzard product is against the Blizzard ToS

    Any posts regarding the selling of beta keys in this forum will be removed, repeat offenders will have their access removed. Please report any posts you find.


    Community Manager

    We do not "allow" people to sell keys on eBay. The sale of goods in this manner is also against eBay's TOS as well as ours, and we report the sales of these goods as we see them. Anyone, not just Blizzard, can report the sale of beta keys on eBay as well.

    While we appreciate the fact that many people see the game as finished, it is not. Bugs continue to be reported, which we are vigilant in fixing, and we do see technical issues pop up here and there. There are things that go on behind the scenes as well that the community as a whole does not see that take time to monitor, iterate on and fix. Things still need to be done and there are improvements to be made, which is why we are not in open beta yet.

    Having a polished closed beta release really helps us put our focus on the systems that need improvements and bugs that need to be fixed for an eventual release that will be smooth and ready for all to enjoy.


    There are now 4 active moderators - Gambit, Insaiyan, QE, Metz. If you have any problem with moderating please send me a PM.
    - If something is outright abusive it will be deleted without warning.
    - Please leave all racial slurs outside this forum. This includes jokes amongst friends, as this is a public forum, and we don't know who is and isn't your friend.
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    The rules were 7 years old so I deleted most of them (like no screenshots over 1mb) and consolidated into one post.