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    wouldn't be surprised if it was a bel-air ending

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    She cheats on him with the fresh prince of bel air

    you heard it here first.

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    might as well do a wank in between each part

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    Commute from Oamaru to Dunners?

    Eek, specially in winter.

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    Part 4

    Cass had been to the doctors the next day, Cass had a condition called "endometriosis" which sometimes causes infertility, we both knew already that she had this. (It caused her to have unbearable cramping pains etc). She said that the gyno had told her basically in three years she's going to be completely infertile. And as time goes by she will have a greater chance of misscariage until then. Now for Cass this was basically the worst thing that could ever happen, she absolutely loved kids and would not be able to bare not being able to have any children. She begged me and begged me to make her pregnant, at this point in our relationship I thought we were so committed to each other and we'd already been through so much. I couldn't see anything that could possibly break us up. So eventually I crumbled and decided that we were so deeply in love and I thought how would I feel in 20 years when I was ready to have a child with this woman I love and realise that we can't have one? I would be absolutely gutted.. so we tried to conceive.

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    pics of cass

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    ^ lol. at 16. Dumbass.

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    But she gave you endometriosis and now youre infertile.

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    This will end up in the HOF, calling it now

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    i'm going to the store for some god damned lemonade, this story better have a conclusion by the time i get back!

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    is this one of those erotic stories?

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    she's like "GIVE ME YOUR SPERM!"

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    More like Chumpbucket. Young, dumb and full of cum.

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    Part 5.

    Anyway, so we commuted from Oamaru which did suck.. it was hard on my study and also on mine and Cass's relationship. My mum wasn't any happier because I was still spending a lot of time with her and staying some nights (me and Cass couldn't handle spending every night away from each other, it wasn't sexual we just loved to be in each others arms - we both felt loved and safe). Cass told me that if she got pregnant everything would be fine, I could still do my degree, she could still be hers and her parents would help us out with money too! so eventually I got the news that we had a baby on the way. I was mainly scared and nervous as any guy at my age would be.. but I had NO doubts that we would stay together and make this work.. we loved each other so bloody much and we would do anything for each other. So although I was scared I never thought about leaving her or anything like that. She said that things wouldn't change for me, or us as a couple.

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    Hold up hold up, gimme a few minutes to cook the popcorn, I'm not watching this thread hungry

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    Lord Abortion wrote:
    More like Chumpbucket. Young, dumb and full of cum.
    weak.. better would be Cumbucket,

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    well its a good thing that Quasi ELVIS and Reception_nz filled us in on the important part of this story...

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    ChumBucket wrote:
    weak.. better would be Cumbucket,
    thats cass

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    Patriotnz wrote:
    Don't be mean. We don't know how it turns out yet. I'm picking twins (a boy and a girl), and a picket fence....auwww
    lol telling me not to be mean?

    vial wrote:
    thats cass

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    She sounds like a grouse lass.