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    Chumbuckets Story

    Well, here is the story everyone / no one has been waiting for. It's going to be f*cking long so I will break it up into parts... unfortunately the relavant stuff lately only happens in the last few parts but I thought most people should hear the full story.

    Part 1

    Cass was one of my mates (Craigs) ex and they were apparently on a "break".. we used to drive into Dunedin heaps in the weekend and get boozed up there with mates, just have some fun etc. I had just came out of a breakup so I was a bit hurt from that and apparently Craig had cheated on Cass heaps and treated her like shit etc etc.. One night when we got back from Dunedin, we crashed at Cass's house we were texting each other and she started going on about how she wanted to be my gf, I really didn't want to go into my mates territory and I was scared to go into another relationship which would just end up getting hurt. But eventually we started going out behind his back.
    We got closer and closer, Craig realised what was happening and turned into "The Physco Ex" - he started cutting himself and threatening to kill himself and shit. Was not a fun time!
    I started spending all my free time at her house, in weekdays until like 10pm, and I stayed the weekends there. Her parents would let us sleep in the same bed which is really weird but I was naive and I didn't really notice it was weird. My mum hated her and her family, hated that they were OK with us sleeping together.. I thought mum was being unreasonable and started to get angry. We would constantly fight about it and eventually I moved out to Cass's place. Her family were OK with me staying there and me and Cass were really happy we could be together even more.

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    It sounds like your mate generally treated her like shit. So you deserve her more than he does, nobody wants a lowlife for a boyfriend/girlfriend, who would do something like that.

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    Might be time to change your clan tag then buddy

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    need more parts asap.

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    write it all in one go

    and use paragraphs

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    part 2! dont leave us hanging

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    HostilE wrote:
    Might be time to change your clan tag then buddy

    Part Two

    I ended up bunking school a lot, so did Cass so we could be together even more. I ended up going to the school counciler(sp?) to talk about issues with my mum and Cass's family, mainly just to get out of class though. Cass and I started planning our future, we were going to head to Dunedin at the start of 2007 and she was going to do an early childhood teaching course which leads onto a Tecol degree. I didn't really know what I wanted to do but somehow I ended up choosing to get a building apprenticeship (for no real reason, just to follow Cass because we loved each other so much). We both worked over the holidays, saved up for bond, furniture etc. We ended up moving into Dunedin in January - we were so happy that finally we had a place to our own! I eventually swapped my career choice to a wiser decision.. following my interest in computers, I started a certificate in IT at the polytechnic which was a 6 month course and then I chose to do the BIT afterwards (instead of CompSci at uni). Cass had a job selling phone and internet services for CallSouth in Dunedin, I didn't have a job and she told me not to worry about it, she didn't mind earning our money, I thought awesome! damn I love you so much!

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    A++++ would skimread again.

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    seriously, write the whole thing and then post it

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    Your clan tag is 'I hate Cass'

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    The suspense is killing me.

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    lol the final part will be a bel air

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    Currently doing some wanks.

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    CumBucket why is your tag "I hate Cass"?

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    Gordon wrote:
    Your clan tag is 'I hate Cass'
    used to be cass

    quite ironically the last cass i hooked up with turned out to be a complete slag too
    and a friend of mine with the same name was also a total slapper

    I wonder if its a name thing

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    You sliped it up her butt didnt you, bad mistake buddy bad mistake

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    Part 3

    I was so bloody happy with life, I didn't care that my mum hated me and we didn't talk to each other because Cass was my life and I was so blinded by the love.. Honestly that was one of the moments I was most content with life, I was finally doing something I enjoyed and I thought I had already found my soulmate which felt exactly the same. We were well off for money because apparently we had $300 from our studentloans plus her wages plus some other benefits. So that was awesome too.. the only thing bad about our relationship was that we were so exclusive, I hated her hanging out with mates and she felt the same.. so we basically only spent time with each other.
    One night I burst into tears and told her how bad I felt about doing what I had done to mum and that there was no way I could fix things (up until this point I had tried to talk to mum many times and spend time with her but nothing helped, she is a widow - my dad killed himself around 4 years ago so she was pretty messed up from that too). The morning after this Cass told me that she thought fixing things was more important then us living together, my mum goes into uni every day from Oamaru and Cass told me we should both move back and we could keep going to our course but commute from Oamaru. I was so amazed at how much Cass was willing to do to make me happy, to have my life sorted out.

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    come on where's part 3

    Sounds like the girlfriend might be cheating on him hmmmm


    ** WarZoner reads up above lol

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    kiwifella wrote:
    CumBucket why is your tag "I hate Cass"?

    you get the feeling hes going somewhere with this?

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    Quasi ELVIS wrote:
    seriously, write the whole thing and then post it
    After I have posted all parts, i'll edit the first post.. I like doing it better this way. Adds suspense

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    dude finish it in one post!! the suspense is killing me

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    It sounds like quite a sad story actually.

    I haev a similar story. I will share it one day.

    *sips his orange juice*

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    ChumBucket wrote:
    . Adds suspense

    you bastard! :mad:

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    Underage B&.
    Post in one go dude. ><

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    come on come on any other parts lol

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