Black, Death, Doom, Thrash and other forms of Metal worth contributing

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    The Wizar'd wrote:
    Not strictly Metal however I'm really enjoying The Dillinger Escape Plan's Calculating Infinity album at the moment.
    Great album! Very original & influential, took me ages to get into donít really like their new singer much though unfortunatelyÖ & hated the poppy songs on Miss machine.

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    Kringe wrote:
    Consuming impulse & testimony of the ancients are awesome... especially consuming impulse!

    Sphere's is good in parts, but essentially itís a cheap mans Cynic - Focus to me, worth a go though
    Yeah I prefer Testimony and Consuming impulse. I just mentioned Spheres becasue The Wizar'd wanted stuff with a sci-fi sort of theme.

    Never was a fan of Dillinger.

    Just listening to the new Runemagick 'Dawn of the end'. Good doom type stuff, not as good as ****in' Ahab though.

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    here's some black, death and grind bands worth checking out definatley..

    Anally Injected Death Sperm - Goratory
    Knives of Ice - Dim Mak
    Tunnel of Ions - Wormed
    A Hymn for the Black Empire - Satanic Warmaster
    Betrayed - Ashes
    Deconstructing the Eternal Tombs - Krieg
    The coming of Genocide - Ulcerate
    A Hail to the Faceless Angels - Setherial
    Oppressed Reality - Poppy Seed Grinder
    You Suck - Strapping Young Lad
    Psychogenes - Alienation Mental
    The Alliance of Hellhoundz - Destruction
    Graveyard of Disgust - Temple of Baal
    Satanic - Bestial Warlust
    Transfixion - Meshuggah
    Abhorrent Desecration of Thee Iniquity
    Battlelust - The Acheron
    The Cumming of the Trilogy (Pussy Lover Pt. 3) - Lividity
    Kriegsphilosophie - Behemoth
    Weeping Midwintertears - Abigor
    A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirror - Xasthur
    Dehydrating - Wormed
    You Have Lost - Nephasth
    Your Casualty - Abramelin
    Affront Final - Akits
    Entropy Within - Anata
    Necropolis - Atrocity
    Repeat Offender - Backyard burial
    Baphomet Throne Exaltation - Black Witch
    Iron Warfare - Blood Vengeance

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    Nokturnal Mortum - Goat Horns

    I don't give a flying phallus that they're NS because their music annihilates thy face!

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    geneterror wrote:
    Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine
    lol, o malley is a hack. how many earth worship bands is that guy in? real thing ftw.

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    I just like it because I'm a fan of Lee Dorrian since the early Napalm days. I would like the Rampton release no matter who played on it. I get where you're coming from though.

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    terror propaganda - craft
    The Road to Babalon - Dawn of Azazel
    Next to Satan - Lux Ferre
    Disgraceful Sores - Mental Demise
    Eulogy iv - Nachtmystium
    Vele's Scrolls - Nokturnal Mortum
    Body to Ravage - Prostitute Disfigurement
    Blood Red Throne Split - Severe Torture
    Minimalistic Objectivity - Terminally Your Aborted Ghost

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    A few good bands I haven't listened to in a while;


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    Heres some old classics I still have in my collection I like to call the extreme gods of the 90's:

    Dismember - Like an ever flowing stream
    Entombed - Left hand path
    Amorphis - Tales from the thousand lakes
    Godflesh - Streetcleaner
    Napalm Death - Mentaly murdered
    Napalm Death - the peel sesions
    Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction
    Carcass - symphonies of sickness
    Deicide - Deicide
    Grave - Into the grave
    Death - Leprosy
    Bathory - under the sign of the black mark
    Sore throat - unhindered by talent
    Sore throat - disgrace to the corpse of sid
    Sore throat - Never mind the napalm
    Saw throat - Industroy
    Extreme noise terror - the peel sessions
    Doom - Doom

    Showing my age here but ya cant beat the greats of the 90's hehe

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    Oh, I forgot the soundtrack to This is Spinal Tap. Every metal/hard rock fan needs that or the movie. <_<

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    Dethklok - the death album :P

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    Anyone heard Immolations newest? It's damn good.

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    Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction

    Straight out heavy metal. Harry Conklin is an underrated as hell vocalist.

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    BeefyBurgers wrote:
    Anyone heard Immolations newest? It's damn good.
    What's the title?

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    The Wizard wrote:
    What's the title?
    Shadows in the Light. I think they have newer mcds though.

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    Looks like noone's mentioned Gorguts yet, I just purchased The Erosion of Sanity and it is awesome. People harp on about how techy they are but the music is great. Wish it was a cheapy though. Also recently got Deicide - Legion, an ultimate album, for 13 bucks new from Real Groovy, yum.

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    For everyones benefit... if you don't know of this site heres a heads up. - just search for any band name or one you're looking into to get started!

    ****ing brilliant site, good for finding new bands and ALL the info you can imagine about a band is on there - and it filters out all the wimp music like Slipknot and other such nonsense.

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    Just ignore the reviews on there, they're terrible. Life would be hard without that site though.

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    Reviews are good sometimes... some are crap but its good to get a fair idea about an album form someone who actually likes it. Life wouldn't be hard without that site... it just makes life a bit more convenient.

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    I find metal-archives quite useful. I don't actually read the reviews as a lot of them are rants but in my eyes, anything that gets over 80% on MA is probably worth a listen to because of how elitist the community tends to be.

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    Or you could ignore all the sub 40% rankings for albums that otherwise score over 80%, it's clearly a case of people being elitist and hating a particular album because of something minor.

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    SmellyStuff wrote:
    that gets over 80% on MA is probably worth a listen to because of how elitist the community tends to be.
    no. about every album on that site is ranked 100%(with a single rating) and most of them are subpar.

    if the album's popular and got lots of votes your statement is correct.

    ignore ratings tbqh.

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    Well yeah, the albums with 1 review of 100% are just the fanboys raving on about their favourite band.

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    Not sure where I read most of my reviews, I need to find some good zines. Probably most of the time, I can't really read his reviews, most people would refer to them as terrible shit but I think he tries to put very hard concepts into words. It's pretty wanky/pretentious but so is metal and I still love it. Anyway despite the crap reviews Anus has pretty awesome taste in death/black metal so if a band has a page it's usually alright. Their top 15 death albums list is pretty sweet.

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    Silencer - Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels.

    Really intense video and I always lol @ the vocals in this song.