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    Been blasting the absolute shit out of these guys since their new album came out. Really fantastic stuff. Melodic Death Metal with a big emphasis on the melodic part. Awesome dual guitar harmonies, orchestral elements etc. Animated band ala Dethklok based on the Belzebubs comic strip.

    The internet at large believes that the vocalist is Niilo Sevanen from Insomnium and that potentially other members of the band are involved as well, this hasn't been confirmed however. Album features various guest appearances from people such as ICS Vortex (Dimmu Borgir), Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth) etc. Definitely worth checking out.

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    Really enjoying Gaahls new stuff.

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    cosmic blackened death metal

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    Poor Dave;

    It's okay, i'm sure God will save him

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    90 percent success rate, hope he's ok.. I like Megadeth.

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    Make everyone around you have a real stink day

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    ^ That's brill!

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    Really tempted to go to Sydney in August to see Static X.
    Edsel is fronting for them and seems to go a pretty good job of it.

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    Some more Metal Trump..